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New AMD graphics branding

The evolution of AMD/ATI branding
AMD's market research shows that it's time to get rid of the ATI brand

It's been a long four years, but AMD has finally hits its stride after its acquisition of ATI Technologies way back in 2006. After agreeing to purchase ATI for $5.4B, AMD was besieged with quarterly losses stemming from the purchase, constant pressure from NVIDIA in the graphics market, and beatdowns from Intel (who wasn't exactly playing by the rules of fair business) in the processor market.

With most of its troubles now behind it, AMD is looking to kill off the long-standing ATI brand and bring Radeon and FirePro graphics solutions solely under the AMD umbrella according to AnandTech.

According to AMD's own research in markets from around the world, it came to the following three conclusions:

  1. AMD preference triples when respondent is aware of ATI-AMD merger
  2. AMD brand [is] stronger than ATI vs. graphics competitors
  3. Radeon and FirePro brand awareness and consideration [is] very high

The move will also help to further consolidate AMD's branding which has pretty much gotten out of hand in the past few years [see figure on right]. AMD will begin the transition later this year to phase out ATI branding and move to a more simplified product branding lineup. By 2011, AMD's product lineup will consist of AMD's Opteron for server processors, Vision (which consists of a CPU/GPU hybrid) for consumer processors, and Radeon/FirePro for graphics.

With AMD now taking the discrete graphics market lead from NVIDIA (51.1 percent for AMD versus 44.5 percent for NVIDIA) and preparing to take the fight straight to Intel with three new CPU designs, the next year should be a fruitful one for enthusiasts.

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RE: Huh?
By EricMartello on 9/3/2010 4:33:31 PM , Rating: 1
Yeah, I totally know what U mean brah!!! Like just the other day, I was all like looking at this can of corn, and it cost like only 35 cents... u could totally tell that the can of corn that cost a dollar was better... I mean it had 2 more oz of corn, only some cheapo's would buy that other corn. Me on the other hand, I buy the higher quality can of corn with 2 more oz of corn... /end retardation

If CPU A performed equally to CPU B but CPU B was 50% cheaper, I would buy CPU B. You see, my retarded friend, the issue is purely performance and not price. AMD has NOTHING that can touch the 980x and probably will not until the tech behind the 980x is outdated. AMD has been lagging behind since the A64 days and has not had a compelling offering since that time. So if you're going to make a comparison at least make an effort to do it right.

Seriously, once you figure out that 90% of people only use a computer for surfing the web, you may be able to have a conversation that isn't full of your ineptitude and e-peen. Oh, and when you pay for that quad sli mobo and buy four video cards, I laugh when just 6 months later a new card would perform just as much, with a quarter of the heat and electricity usage. But by all means, get what makes you happy, keep up with the joneses or nobody is gonna respect you.

The point of this conversation is not to make you feel as inferior as you really are, but rather it is to illustrate the ever-widening gap between the available performance of Intel vs AMD CPUs. Intel hands-down dominates AMD and despite their best attempts AMD's best cannot come close to Intel's best.

Now even if all you do is general-purpose stuff on your comp, the benefits of high-end hardware do not end. The lifespan of a 980x system will be several years if not more, since it is so much faster than peasant systems, it will continue to be fast enough thus preventing the need for hardware upgrades. Each year you go by without having to upgrade adds value to the purchase. I have no doubt that my system will be more than capable of running any game/app 5 years down the line just as well as it can today...on the other hand, your "bang for the buck" system will show its age within a year or less and start to "feel slow" with newer apps and games.

Yes, my CPU costs more than your car and my motherboard is worth more than your life...but you shouldn't let that make you feel bad. You just need to accept that you fall into that 90% group that you mentioned, and that most people will only ever be average at best in their lives.

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