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Development and growth of new tissue proves to be successful

Researchers have released a new report showing the first successful use of cell-depleted lung in order to naturally create a new rat lung from embryonic stem cells.  

Joaquin Cortiella, MD, MPH, along with his research team members from Stanford University, University of Texas Medical Branch, Duke University and Brown Medical School, published their findings, a paper titled "Influence of Acellular Natural Lung Matrix on Murine Embryonic Stem

Most cell and tissue types can be made and matured from embryonic stem cells (ESC's) as long as they're in the proper setting with appropriate chemical signals that allow them to differentiate into certain cell types, eventually constructing 3-dimensional tissue structures. But other forms of synthetic tissue matrices are now required in order for this kind of technology to flourish. 

"Organ-specific extracellular matrices, properly prepared, are serving more and more as the appropriate structural scaffold for the recapitulation of a specific organ's tissues," said Peter C. Johnson, MD, Vice President of Research and Development for Avery Medical Products, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Tissue Engineering. "This turns out to be especially true in an organ such as the lung, whose parenchyma must have a structure that accommodates atmospheric gas transmission as well as vascular, lymphatic and neural systems."

Cellular components were removed from natural lung tissue in order to make the natural growth matrix for ESC's. Making and using an acellular rat lung as a biological matrix "for differentiating ESC's into lung tissue" provided evidence of repopulation of the matrix, improved cell retention and differentiation into specific cell types within the lung. In addition, the development and maturation of of the cells into 3-dimensional complex tissues were reported, and according to researchers, lung tissue growth is progressing normally and is producing the correct chemical signals to continue development.

"We found that a combination of mechanical, enzymatic and physical processes provided the most efficient and gentle way to remove the cells from the underlying lung ECM without significant loss of collagen or elastin, the major components of the natural lung," the authors wrote. "The production and use of decellularized lung to support development of lung tissue may lead to design of better synthetic matrices for clinical use and to the eventual production of engineered lung tissues on matrices that are suitable for regenerative medicine purposes."

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RE: Woo Hoo!
By HeavyB on 8/20/2010 6:11:16 PM , Rating: 2
Human ES cells don't come from aborted fetuses. They come from fertilized embryos of only a few hundred cells that are fertilized in a petri dish (basically).

RE: Woo Hoo!
By Randomblame on 8/21/2010 8:34:02 PM , Rating: 2
Fixed it for you:

Human ES cells don't come from aborted fetuses. They come from fertilized embryos (human babies) of only a few hundred cells (that aren't allowed to grow larger) that are fertilized in a petri dish (basically).

So these "fertilized embryos" are grown in petri dishes, they are only allowed to grow to a few hundred cells, then they are "harvested" for stem cell use. Sounds like an abortion from the get go.
What part of that seems morally acceptable to you?

It's so ridiculous, save the whales - start a pirate fleet to go get them whalers, save the rats - harvest human baby meat to create new rat lungs, stop unemployment by taxing employers, fix the health care system by making people buy insurance they cannot afford...

Honestly - these people claim conservatives are uneducated...

RE: Woo Hoo!
By bigboxes on 8/22/2010 8:58:38 PM , Rating: 2
Every sperm is sacred.
Every sperm is great.
If a sperm is wasted,
God gets quite irate.

RE: Woo Hoo!
By YashBudini on 8/23/2010 2:32:16 AM , Rating: 1
If a sperm is wasted,

In a single sexual act how many sperm are released? Millions? How many successfully fertilize? One? A couple?

See any naturally occurring waste now? Planning on stoning to death the entire human race?

There's nothing in those big boxes, is there?

RE: Woo Hoo!
By clovell on 8/23/2010 10:29:13 AM , Rating: 2
Not sperm, embryos. There's a difference. I understand you're making a cultural reference in an effort to be funny, but this is a "tech" site - hard to do a non-sequitor joke in these parts.

RE: Woo Hoo!
By Ammohunt on 8/24/2010 3:45:15 PM , Rating: 2
Um you would have to had lived in a box for the last 30 years to not get the Monty Python reference.

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