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iPad puts a crimp in Asus netbook shipments
The iPad is blamed for much of the decrease

ASUS announced on an investors call that it was lowering its shipment estimates for its Eee netbooks for the quarter. ASUS now expects to ship 1.4 million netbooks during the summer quarter, traditionally a high spot for sales. The total shipment estimates for Eee PC for the year have been changed to somewhere in the area of seven to eight million units.

The reason for the change in estimates in shipments for Eee netbooks is the iPad which starts at $499. The iPad is selling just about as fast as Apple can make them and the company is still having a hard time sourcing enough components like screens to meet the high demand for the iPad.

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen reminded investors and analysts during the claim that ASUS would be competing with Apple soon with tablet offerings including one with Android as the OS selling for $399 and an Eee Pad selling for $1,000 running Windows 7.

Electronista reports that Apple has outsold the combined spring and summer sales of Eee netbooks with the iPad with 3.72 million iPads shipped. Apple is currently making over 2.3 million iPads each month and is still hard pressed to meet demand. The real sticking point for ASUS with its iPad competitors is that they won't hit the market until December at the earliest compounding the lead Apple is enjoying with the iPad.

The decline in shipments for Eee netbooks is also partly due to the overall decline in demand for netbooks across the market as the netbook segment matures. Tablets are the new big thing for many consumers and there are many people waiting for an Android tablet to land. 

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The other agenda
By nafhan on 8/17/2010 9:47:27 AM , Rating: 5
I think they're trying to obliquely push their upcoming tablet computers with this report (i.e. the iPad is selling well, so our tablet will, too!). I say that because I don't think the iPad is the main reason for poor netbook sales.
It seems at least as likely that netbook sales have been impacted by the overall compression of laptop prices. When the EEE PC first came out, it was half the price of anything and WAY cheaper than contemporary thin-and-lights. Now, laptops that outperform netbooks by a large margin can be found for the same price, and laptops that outperform netbooks and are about the same size can be found for less than $700. So, bargain basement and most thin-and-light shoppers really don't need the netbook any more.

RE: The other agenda
By Pirks on 8/17/2010 10:02:51 AM , Rating: 2
yeah, I've seen 14" and 11" thinkpads at Lenovo Canada site yesterday, they are full fledged win7 laptops, thin and light with penryn dual core and stuff and with e-coupon they cost the same as 12" atom netbooks at, so netbook is dead indeed

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