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Best Buy is threatening to sue a Catholic priest over his Beetle that reads "God Squad". Best Buy claims that violates its Geek Squad trademark.  (Source: Flickr)
Best Buy accuses Catholic Priest of violating its trademark and Geek Squad look

Father Luke Strand of the Holy Family Parish in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, has a pretty interesting ride.  He drives around town in a black Volkswagen Beetle with a logo featuring the phrase "God Squad" emblazoned on it.  That logo and the vehicle itself bear a striking similarity to the mobile service vehicles of Best Buy's service team, the Geek Squad.

Apparently, Best Buy isn't pleased with its look being appropriated by this man of the cloth.  Lawyers for the electronics retailer sent Father Strand a cease-and-desist letter telling him to ditch the logo or face consequences.  

Father Strand mentioned the letter at his Sunday Mass.

Speaking to the
Fond du Lac Reporter, Father Strand defended the logo.  He says he uses the logo as a creative way to spur discussions and bring his faith to the community.

Best Buy told reporters for the 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that while it appreciates Father Strand's sentiments, it cannot stand by and watch its trademarks be violated.

The legal dispute revives a long ongoing question of just how much ownership to an icon a company can claim.  Apple, Inc., for example, has been particularly zealous in legally assailing those who supposedly violated its trademark.  From New York City to music festivals, anyone who used the logo of an Apple -- or particularly a logo of an Apple with a bite out of it -- was hit with lawsuits or cease-and-desist letters. 

Some argue that companies are taking trademark enforcement to far; corporate lawyers would obviously disagree.

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By SofaKingWeird on 8/17/2010 8:42:09 AM , Rating: 1
Wow, at first when I read this I was pissed at Bestbuy for even thinking this was the same. But then I remembered, isn't Bestbuy the same company that let an employee go for putting up a video mocking iPhone vs EVO phone users. He never even mentioned where he works or even makes fun of Bestbuy in the cartoon. So for me I already dislike Bestbuy, they are a bunch of capitalist pigs with way too much power and someday the tick of Karma will swing there way only to make room for the next replacement. I’m still irritated that Bestbuy has driven all the competition away, but when you want to find some music (Some of us still prefer CD’s over digital downloads) they don’t carry it in store but would be happy to ship it for a nominal fee. Case in point was the new “Playing For Change – LIVE” I ended up going to Barnes and Noble because Bestbuy is too lame to carry the CD in there retail stores. I keep hearing about how CD sales are down, but I think it’s because of lousy marketing by capitalist pigs like Bestbuy. When you rely on stupid retailers for your income this is what you get. Bring back music retail stores like Tower Records already, because I for one prefer CD’s over digital downloads.

Then there is a part of me that chuckled when I was first read this, then the word KARMA popped into my head. Wow, could God and Bestbuy be in communication? Could they be planning a swift kick in the a$$ to those who have paid out millions and hidden the kiddie diddlers from prosecution of the laws that protect children? You have to wonder how many millions were spent hiding these pedophiles? Just think of all the things you could do with millions, like actually feeding hungry homeless people or other Godly type activities. Part of me snickers at just the thought of that, but then that bring up so many more questions. What are the communicating with? iPhone, Droid or is it a Mac and PC thing. I guess for me I really don’t care for either one but there is a part of me that actually hopes the Catholic priest wins this one. Unless - 1) Bestbuy has the exclusive with VW and they’re the only one that can buy the Bug now. 2) Bestbuy owns the font that was used. 3) Bestbuy owns the word Sqaud. (WOW, can you imagine the impact on NFL Football if they could no longer say practice squad?)

So the only real winner here I see are the lawyers. They’ll be laughing all the way to the bank, only in America will you see Bestbuy VS God. Coming to a court near you.

"It's okay. The scenarios aren't that clear. But it's good looking. [Steve Jobs] does good design, and [the iPad] is absolutely a good example of that." -- Bill Gates on the Apple iPad

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