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The Hong Kong 3D erotic film features Japanese adult actress Yukiko Suo.  (Source: 520de)
You could say Stephen Shiu is the James Cameron of porn

Following Avatar's unprecedented gross of over $2.74B USD, much of which was driven by higher-priced 3D ticket sales, many filmmakers trying to make the jump to 3D filming.  Apparently the craze has even tickled the fancy of adult film industry.

Something about the allure of watching a 3D adult feature rubbed top Chinese erotic filmmaker Stephen Shiu the right way.  Much like James Cameron, director of
Avatar, Shiu was the owner of an impressive 90s box office record.  Mr. Shiu's film Sex and Zen grossed over $2.6M USD, to become Hong Kong's highest box office grossing adult film of the decade.

And like Mr. Cameron, Mr. Shiu decided to ride on the premise that what worked in 2D would work even better in 3D.  Filming of his new film
3-D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is currently wrapping up.

The film, set for release in May, cost $3.2M USD to film.  It is loosely based on the Chinese classic erotic thriller 
The Carnal Prayer Mat, a 1600s work by Chinese playwright Li Yu.  It stars top Japanese adult actresses Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara.

The Sunday Morning Post describes the film follows a young male protagonist who after being introduced to a land of erotica by a powerful duke, comes to realize his ex-wife is the love of his life. 

Christopher Sun, the film's director, comments, "Somehow when you're doing a 3-D movie you always want to make an impressive image because the viewers ... are going to buy tickets with double or even triple the ticket price to get into a world they've never seen before.  It's not just erotica, they want some 'wow factor!  The sex scenes are explicit and sometimes violent, but the main theme of the story is love."

Mr. Shiu is convinced that audiences will be hard-pressed not to see such a refined adult title.  And the competition for 3D porn isn't exactly stiff yet.  At this point while some are considering a jump to 3D, only two other major parties have announced plans to pay the high costs associated with making a 3D adult film.

U.S.-based Hustler is currently working on a 3D porno based on 
Avatar (which is somewhat ironic, considering that Avatar itself reportedly has a long and graphic deleted sex scene).  And Italian director Tinto Brass is working on a 3D re-filming of his 1979 erotic film Caligula.

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At least its chinese
By DarkElfa on 8/16/2010 11:26:28 AM , Rating: 5
American porn quality is at an all time low. Unlike the glory days of porn where a story was at least attempted, today all we get are the same tired formulas with the same amateur actresses. They meet, followed by some witless banter, then a 15 minute BJ from 60 angles, then 10 seconds of cunnilingus, then front and back riding, doggy style and if there's time, some missionary. Then he blows her face off and its over. There are a few variations on the theme, but they are mere variations. Internet porn has become just like Internet Journalism, poor quality and too much of it. Just like reality TV.

RE: At least its chinese
By ChugokuOtaku on 8/16/2010 1:18:22 PM , Rating: 2
french porn ftw

RE: At least its chinese
By B3an on 8/17/2010 11:10:10 AM , Rating: 2
French porn is pretty good actually.

Anyway WHY has the top post been up rated? Those "glory days" of porn were the worst days of porn... who watches porn for the story?? come on! LOL. There should be NO story at all in porn, and most dont even bother these days... and you know why? because they finally realised that cheesy very bad acting and bad story lines is not what people want to see. Even if it was good acting for once... again, who would actually watch porn for the story? Porn is more popular than ever these days, and not just because of the net, but because it's actually worth watching now as they just get down to it.

RE: At least its chinese
By tastyratz on 8/16/2010 1:45:12 PM , Rating: 3
Good point.
Because I read the articles and watch the movie for the plot.

Its a sad time now because porns used to have such great plots years ago many actresses could use to springboard their career. What would we ever do with porn now that it has none of the filler?

Oh... wait...

RE: At least its chinese
By TSS on 8/16/2010 4:39:43 PM , Rating: 2
Oh cmon now. If you want to see a slut get banged, there's so much of that to go around on the internet you'll be busy for years. Considering i got internet when i was 12 and spent my puberty partly online, i've seen my fair share.

And now it simply doesn't arouse me anymore. Don't get me wrong, actually banging a slut would get me aroused, but from porn i just expect a bit more.

There is a certain art to porn. I once saw an interview with ron jeremy where he said that in the early days of his career, he used to crack jokes during sex. Very soon the director came up to him and told him taht wasn't working. The acting comes before the sex but during the sex you shut up. Today i turn the sound off while watching porn because there's hardly a single movie where the actresses aren't talking dirty constantly.

say what you will, porn isn't what it used to be.

RE: At least its chinese
By AstroGuardian on 8/19/2010 7:34:04 AM , Rating: 2
I totally agree. And Chinese porn sucks. Those tiny Chinese sluts squeak like old wooden doors.... It's just annoying!

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