All Blackberrys at risk in India  (Source: CultofMac)
RIM has until August 31 to comply with requests

RIM is the company behind the popular line of Blackberry smartphones that sell all around the world. Some countries in the middle east and other locations around the globe are suddenly having issues with the way RIM handles messages sent via the Blackberry.

Most of the messages sent from Blackberry users are routed over a network owned by RIM that is located in Canada and the UK. With the servers located outside of the countries in question and the encrypted nature of the messages, some governments felt that the Blackberry services were a threat to national security.

The latest country to take RIM to task over its networks is India. India cited security as a reason it would shut Blackberry services down if RIM did not comply with a request by the Indian government to gain access to encrypted corporate email and messaging services. India gave RIM until August 31 to comply with its request or face shutdown within the country.RIM has assured India that it will comply with the request and that it is working to alleviate the security woes.

quotes one Indian official stating, "They [RIM] have assured access to messenger and said they are working on solutions on the whole issue."

India first threatened to block Blackberry services earlier this month at the same time Indonesia made the same threat. Saudi Arabia was also set to initiate a ban on Blackberry services on August 5 and the United Aram Emirates had plans for bans as well. RIM cooperated with officials in Saudi Arabia and the ban was postponed pending changes being made to Blackberry services that include local servers.

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