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The US is currently the top spam sending nation in the world - but for how much longer?

Although the US is currently the top spam sending country in the world, it is losing ground to China.  A report from security firm Sophos claims that Asia now leads the world in helping to relay spam, with China at the front lines.  Because of progressive anti-spam measures in the United States, spammers are forced to shut down and move operations to other countries.  Just two years ago, the US was responsible for more than half of all spam sent in the entire world.  Eventually, China will overtake the US as the number one spamming nation. While the numbers in the US decrease, spam from nations like Poland, Germany and Spain are beginning to pick up the slack.

The majority of spam sent every day is sent via zombie computers -- infected computers that are often unknowingly under the control of spammers and/or hackers.  The United States (23.1%), China (21.9%), South Korea (9.8%), France (4.3%), and Poland (3.8%) make up the top five spam nations.

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By CZroe on 4/24/2006 8:24:35 PM , Rating: 2
90% of the SPAM I have received in the last decade is Chinese and Russian in origin. If the US ever took the lead, it was only recently and certainly not in my 100% unfiltered 6-year old inbox (about 3,000 messages a month, only 3 or four legitimate emails, usually eBay-related.). One of my sorting techniques is to search for Chinese characeters and delete all, search the headers for "BIG5" and other Chinese character sets and delete all (It's not like I can read any of it!), sort my name and address and delete all the huge amounts of messages between Roman characters. ALL SPAM filters have deleted legitimate emails, even those created by humans editing databases. In my situation that makes it even more of a needle in a haystack to find it in my trash folders. I think all I can do is increase my eBay and communication activity so a higher percentage will be "my" mail and I will then check and delete SPAM more often.

If only every deletion I did was added to a user database... I could probably eliminate 50% of the world's SPAM. I've tried taking place in those user-created P2P SPAM filters only to see things get deleted that shouldn't be ANYWAY... like PayPal receipts specific to only ME. How could someone incorrectly flag MY PayPal receipt as SPAM when they never received one?! (FWIW, all additional SPAM filtering including trained and heuristic were turned off)

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