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Android's all-star lineup (some of which is pictured here) has propelled it to top RIM (BlackBerry) and Apple (iPhone) in the smartphone market.
Google posts an amazing 886 percent year-to-year growth in sales

When Google's Android mobile OS launched it was met with skepticism, pessimism, and doubt. Slowly but surely, Google recruited new hardware partners, launched new handsets, eventually reaching sales of 65,000 units a day -- then 100,000.  And Google maintained a relentless pace of OS releases -- with such high profile updates as Android 1.5, 2.02.1, and, most recently, 2.2 (Froyo).

Now market researcher Canalys claims that Google is now the top player in the U.S. smartphone market in terms of market share.  According to Canalys's extensive study, Google owns 34 percent of the market compared to Research in Motion's 32 percent and Apple's 21.7 percent.

Propelled by wildly successful handsets like HTC Hero (October 2009), Motorola Droid (November 2009), HTC Droid Incredible (April 2010), HTC EVO 4G (June 2010), and Motorola Droid X (July 2010), Google has dominated the market with an astounding sales growth of 886 percent.

Perhaps the only analogy to what Google is doing in the history of operating systems is Microsoft's incredible conquest of the personal computer operating system market with Windows.  Much like Windows, Google's multi-hardware OEM, open approach, focused on providing customers with a broad array of choices, is crushing its more specialized competitors, like Apple (which ironically was similarly crushed by Microsoft in the PC OS market).

That's not to say that Apple or RIM are posting financial losses.  In fact, Apple grew 61 percent in sales year-to-year and RIM grew 41 percent.  What is happening, though, is that they appear to be missing the growth opportunity that Android has found with its open, third-party hardware model.

Android's success looks especially scary considering that it appears to just be getting warmed up. Android 3.0 "Gingerbread" should launch this holiday season with some pretty amazing new features. Motorola, HTC, and others are reportedly already cooking up new high end handsets to accompany the OS launch.

In terms of individual hardware OEMs, Nokia still is the dominant party, owning 38 percent of the market. Overall smartphone sales rose 64 percent on a year-to-year basis.

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Apps marketshare
By Tyhr on 8/3/2010 3:34:13 PM , Rating: 2
Yes, Chrome is 1 OS on multiple hardware platforms while iPhone OS is on 1 hardware platform (company).

That is akin to Windows on Dell/HP/Compaq/no-name
and MacOS on Macs
and AmigaDOS on Amigas.

In it's prime, the Amiga had (arguably) far superior hardware than the other platforms.
Why did it fail?
The sheer number of crappy PC's meant developers programmed for the business numbers - there was more software for PC's than Amigas.
Software availability/support dictated hardware purchase commitments.

(same thing for these new video game consoles - the available quality games often has a stronger influence on purchases than the technology of the hardware)

What originally separated iPhones from the others:
- apps!

What is going to happen now the Chrome has the market numbers over iPhoneOS?
-There will be more APPS being developed for Chrome than iPhone, effectively turning the iPhone's strongest feature into a weakness.

I'm sure Apple will continue to have a slice of the market, but the multiple vendors Chrome can work on will most likely ensure it's dominance eventually...perhaps in as early as 3 years.

Apple did survive the onslaught of Windows back then, so they could again...then again, it was Microsoft itself that gave money to Apple to keep them alive. Many people seem to forget that.

FYI - I own an iPhone 3GS.
My contract runs out in 2 years. I'm keeping an open mind/eye on what to get then.

RE: Apps marketshare
By jimbojimbo on 8/3/2010 3:58:25 PM , Rating: 3
By the way Chrome is a browser. I believe you wanted to use the word mentioned about a hundred times in this thread so far, Android .

If you have an iPhone 3GS and your contract runs out in 2 years that means you JUST bought a 3GS. You sad, sad man.

"Well, we didn't have anyone in line that got shot waiting for our system." -- Nintendo of America Vice President Perrin Kaplan

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