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Microsoft COO Kevin Turner  (Source: Kevin P. Casey / Bloomberg News)

Turner says that the EU will get Windows Phone 7 products before the U.S. and that the new phone will put Microsoft "back in the game".  (Source: Engadget)
Microsoft shows the EU that it's not bitter about all those fines...

The pressure is on for Windows Phone 7.  The Kin project was a resounding failure, selling under 10,000 units according to numerous reports and sources.  And Windows Mobile 6.5 is rapidly losing favor with customers -- it's been bleeding market share at a steady rate for the last year.

One key question is what the final products will be like.  Very early reviews have given us a bit of insight into that.  The other key question is "When will the phones land?"

There was no definitive answer from Microsoft -- until now.  Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner, who recently made waves by comparing the iPhone 4 to Windows Vista in terms of what a mess it was becoming, let slip the release Windows for Europe and the U.S. in a presentation he recently gave

Turner states, "Now let's talk about phones.  This has been tough.  This is a lowlight.  For me, the company -- it's tough.  But you know what?  In the October timeframe, in the November timeframe -- in October likely across Europe, in November likely across the U.S. -- the game... we're back in the game.  And this game is not over."

Previously, another Microsoft presentation indicated that the phone would launch in October -- but did not say where.

The potential that they may get Windows Phone 7 hardware a phone month ahead of their American friends should excite Microsoft fans in European Union nations, including England.  Usually the U.S. gets tech products first and Europe has to endure a long wait.  Or else Japan gets it first, the U.S. gets it second, and Europe gets it last.

The move may surprise some give Microsoft's rocky relationship with the EU.  The EU delivered an unprecedented $1.4B USD fine against Microsoft back in Feb. 2008 for what it viewed as blatant antitrust violations.  Then last year, the union of states demanded that Microsoft alter its new Windows operating system to allow customers to select a browser via a "ballot box" type process.  Microsoft eventually complied, begrudgingly. 

Microsoft recently announced its hardware launch partners -- Dell, ASUS, LG, HTC, and Samsung.

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RE: What?!
By TSS on 8/2/2010 12:45:54 PM , Rating: 2
I HATE people who moan about others, it's totally useless.

Yknow that's a bit big a rant for sarcasm.

Every american product i get here in holland, i get later then in america. But then again the only products here i can recall are american is entertainment. Maybe a few consumer electronics, though i doubt their actually "produced" in america. Maybe cars, since i don't keep tabs on the latest releases.

Games, i get 2-3 days after US release. TV-shows, 1 season behind (which is good, used to be 3-4. charmed aired season 5 afted 8 had ended in america, which never aired here),movies anywhere from 3 months to a year.

Other then that, what do you americans produce that we europians actually use? Not beeing sarcastic here, i'm really keen to know because i do think it used to be way more then it is now.

RE: What?!
By Reclaimer77 on 8/2/10, Rating: 0
RE: What?!
By ClownPuncher on 8/2/2010 1:23:12 PM , Rating: 1
You were in WW2? Pleased to meet you, sir.

RE: What?!
By theArchMichael on 8/2/2010 1:59:00 PM , Rating: 4
Damn Right!!
During World War 2 If we, the largest most prosperous British Colony... Oh wait that's right, without France's help we wouldn't even have our independence.


RE: What?!
By TSS on 8/3/2010 10:46:49 AM , Rating: 2
Actually i'm forced to use cheapass chinese products. I used to have a RC buggy when i was little, that thing was made in america for sure. It fell down stairs 3 times, ran of curbs, through dirt, through fireworks, and it still lasted nearly 4 years before it broke.

My sister is now on her 6th RC car in 4 months. The things keep breaking. Look at the bottom - made in china. but hey, atleast their cheap enough to just buy another one when it breaks.

And i'm not going to just be thankfull. Considering WWII, thank you for saving my past. Considering ACTA, fuck you for screwing up my future. or whatever that new spy law is.

So. Where do we go from here?

"Young lady, in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!" -- Homer Simpson

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