Iomega comes a long way from the ZIP drive to bring 1-terabyte NAS devices to the market

Iomega, a name we have all come to recognize in the external storage industry since the Zip drive days, has recently announced availability of its updated StorCenter line of network storage devices.

The StorCenter Wireless Network Storage product has a capacity of 1-terabyte and features wireless network connectivity. The new wireless model will feature WEP and WPA security encryption as well as a gigabit wired Ethernet interface aside from the 802.11g standard implementation. The total physical capacity of the wireless device is 4 PATA drives. It is not clear as to what model and capacity of drives are used to bring it to 1-terabyte; four 250GB drives or two 500GB drives, but hopefully the unit can accommodate larger drives in the future.

Additionally, the wireless model will feature USB 2.0 ports, a media and print server, support for UPnP devices and backup and security capabilities as well as RAID 0, 0+1, and 5 array support.

A 500GB model will also be available for those that do not require as much networked storage space or wireless connectivity. The unit will still have gigabit ethernet connectivity and all other features including UPnP capabilities, but will only support 2 hard disk drives in RAID 0 or 1 as opposed to the 4 drive capacity of the 1-terabyte model.

For those who need even more storage, Fujitsu has a 1.36 petabyte server for sale.

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