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NVIDIA is sure to come out fighting

ATI is one of the biggest players in the discrete and integrated GPU market with rival NVIDIA. The two firms fight bitterly for dominance in the market and for the crown of fastest video card.

AMD has taken heat from analysts and investors since the purchase of ATI because the graphics unit has performed poorly for the most part. At one point in 2008, AMD was forced to take an $880 million write down related to ATI. AMD executives are feeling smug today with the announcement that ATI has taken the top spot in the discrete GPU market from NVIDIA for the first time since AMD purchased the company.

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) reports that the overall shipments of graphics cards for Q1 2010 were up 4%. However, shipments of video cards for the discrete desktop graphics market slipped 21.4% thanks in part to the massive growth of notebook sales. JPR reports that shipments are 38.6% above the same period last year for the market.

AMD posted the biggest gains in company history in both the discrete and integrated desktop products market. NVIDIA at the same time posted losses in shipments in all categories except its integrated notebook GPU business that grew 10%.

AMD had 24.4% of the GPU market for the quarter, Intel held 54.9%, and NVIDIA has 19.7% of the market. AMD reported that its revenue in the graphic segment grew 8% from the previous quarter and 87% when compared to the same quarter of last year with $440 million in revenue.

AMD claims that in the discrete graphics market it holds 51.1% of the market with NVIDIA having 44.5% of the market.

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By geddarkstorm on 7/30/2010 1:34:23 PM , Rating: 2
I'm just going to touch on one point as no one else has yet.

There is no way an APU can ever rival the power of a descrete graphics card, it isn't physically possible. Look at the size of a graphics card, all that's on it, all that goes into it, and then look at your CPU and mobo. Can you see the two merged? Just the heat issue alone means -no-.

The APUs are the lowest end integrated graphics. Yes, they are better than motherboard integrated graphics chips in -some- cases (looking at you, Intel), but that's because integrated graphics are just that abysmally horrible to begin with.

The shift from desktops more towards portable devices is the main reason that dedicated graphics card market didn't grow as much as expected. It's also tied to PC Gaming and whatever happens with that, and it doesn't help with all the card confusions and saturation that both Nvidia and AMD have put out there. But, APUs are nothing that'll ever have to be worried about for the discrete market; though they make the average consumer's life a lot easier. And hey, if you can SLI/Crossfire/Hydra with an APU and a discrete, that'd be pretty dang sweet.

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