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Apple iMac family

Apple Magic Trackpad
Apple continues to overhaul its product portfolio

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RE: Why?
By omnicronx on 7/27/2010 12:33:50 PM , Rating: 2
Thanks for your little rant (that for the record made your sound like a child).

My point still stands, look at what those gestures map too and how many fingers/movesments you have to perform said gestures.

Using your little ALT Tab as an example; do you not keep at least one hand on or very close to your keyboard when on a desktop? If not thats your preference, but the fact remains many people do, my left hand is always on the keyboard. So are you actually going to imply its easier to swipe 4 fingers (i don't care how you do it, whether its dramatic or not) than pressing two buttons where my hand is alreay lying?

With a laptop then by all means it makes perfect sense, i rest my hands on the trackpad and only move up to the keyboard to type (not too sure about others), but once again, on a desktop to make the claim that it is more efficient just does not make sense to me.

Gestures make sense in many situations, but they also make little sense in many others. So to completely get rid of a mouse for a trackpad on a desktop makes little sense to me. Seems a mix of both would be the best solution.

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