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Droid X may give Verizon the excuse it needs to follow AT&T into tiered data plans

Verizon recently launched its slick and large-screened Droid X smartphone. The device received rave reviews and has been one of the most popular smartphones that Verizon has ever offered. The Droid X is selling well for Verizon so far, but the popularity of the handset has a downside for the wireless provider.

According to
PocketNow, Verizon has stated that the users of the Droid X smartphone are consuming much more data than the users of other smartphones on the Verizon network. Specifically, Verizon claims that Droid X user's consumer about five times more data than the users of other smartphones on the network.

Many will not be surprised by the higher data usage by Droid X owners. When consumers have a device that works well for watching video, browsing the web and other tasks the users tend to actually use the features. AT&T found this out with the iPhone when users of the smartphone started to consume many times more data than users of other devices.

One thing that isn’t clear for the data offered by Verizon is if the increased data usage also includes those who tether the Droid X or if it only includes data consumed directly on the phone. AT&T used the massive consumption of data by iPhone users as a reason to end unlimited data plans and start putting caps on data usage for all smartphone users.

DailyTech reported yesterday that Verizon might announce new tiered data caps starting on July 29. Presumably if Verizon does introduce data caps, users who buy the unlimited data plan today will be grandfathered in just like iPhone users who were already with AT&T. Pricing for the Verizon tiered plans is expected to be the same that AT&T offers at $25 monthly for 2GB and $15 monthly for 200MB.

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RE: Sorry Droid X owners
By ImSpartacus on 7/22/2010 2:39:43 PM , Rating: 2
Any unlimited is better than a data cap any day.

Exactly. That's why I will be jumping in with a Verizon 3G Android Smartphone. I would rather have limited speeds than have a cap.

My only problem is hardware...

Droid Incredible? Droid X? Fascinate? All great hardware, but which should I chose? I'm leaning towards the Droid X since it comes with a free 16GB µSD card and was rooted this morning. The Fascinate looks nice, but Samsung has a horrid support record and it might not be released by the time the 4G data caps are in place.

RE: Sorry Droid X owners
By MojoMan on 7/23/2010 8:40:00 AM , Rating: 2
Get a Droid X... I just had my hands on one yesterday. There are "complaints" of the size by some people, but I don't understand this if you want a smart phone. The screen size, and build of this phone is great! It felt great in my hands, and I'm not a large guy (5' 10" - 150 pounds). The keyboard on it (touch screen only) I've heard is very easy to use (best so far), but I can't personally verify that yet.

It's still a light phone, and comfortable to talk on. Besides, it has a metal body. The Incredible, for example, has a plastic/composite one. I could go on, but the X really is the best Droid right now IMO. If you're a data user, trust me, you will really enjoy the larger screen size. :-) If you're more of a phone user, or have smaller hands than average, then I'd probably get the Incredible.

Oh... You're Spartacus... Get the X... Smaller hands isn't a problem of yours. :-)

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