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Will cut the use of coal and carbon emissions

Biomass refinery developer Inbicon is taking baby steps in reducing carbon emissions by utilizing coal steam for cellulosic ethanol. China Energy Conservation and Environmental Group (CECEP), on the other hand, is pummeling coal consumption and carbon emissions with the largest stand-alone building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) project, which started transmitting power to the to the electric grid on Sunday in Shanghai. 

The new 6.68 megawatt solar station, which cost $23.6 million to build and has the ability to power 12,000 Shanghai homes with 6.3 million kilowatt-hours (kwh) of electricity per year, was built over the recently completed Hongqiao Station, which lies over the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway line. According to the latest reports, this new solar system can decrease coal consumption by 2,254 tons and also cut carbon emissions by 6,600 tons. 

"The project is another manifestation of China's commitment to reducing carbon emissions to fight climate change," said Yu Hailong, general manager of the project's developer, CECEP. "It comes after the country set a voluntary target of cutting carbon intensity per unit of GDP by 40 to 45 percent by 2020."

This solar station is covered with 20,000 solar panels over the 61,000 sq m roof and has produced 300,000 kwh of power since the operation started two weeks ago. It is meant to spread solar energy awareness as well as the development of environmentally-friendly railways throughout China.

"BIPV technology does not take up extra space, because it is integrated into buildings' design and construction," said Zheng Jian, chief engineer of the Ministry of Railway. "It is especially suitable for China's eastern areas, where there are limited land resources yet greater energy demand."

The solar station built over the high-speed railway in Shanghai is the largest in the world, but not the only project like it in China. The Wuhan Station, a part of the Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, received a similar integrated photovoltaic solar-powered system that was connected to the grid back in May of this year. The difference is that this solar station is about three times smaller than Shanghai's. But this goes to show that China is achieving their goal of spreading the idea of solar-powered stations and implementing them in certain areas to reduce carbon emissions and use of coal. 

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RE: OMG your basic math...
By Spuke on 7/22/2010 1:49:19 PM , Rating: 2
An american home, according to the information posted above consumes about 1.27 kWh (this is a lot, you guys are wasteful).
Huh? It's 920kWh a month not 1.27kWh. OMG on your math! LOL!

more than twice the power budget of those chinese homes.
Post a link on the average power usage of a Chinese home. You'll also need to post the typical size of the home, amount of people in the household, electricity costs, amount of appliances, and etc.

RE: OMG your basic math...
By tequilaguru on 7/22/2010 2:11:16 PM , Rating: 2
Typo there, meant an hour. The rest of the stuff is correct. The information is based on the article, that's why I said, "those homes" (you know, from the article?)

RE: OMG your basic math...
By Spuke on 7/22/2010 3:57:57 PM , Rating: 2
The rest of the stuff is not correct. You implied that the Chinese people only use 525kWh when no where does it say that's what they use (you know, from the article). Then you use that erroneous info to poke a stick at US electricity usage. LOL!

That means they are producing 525 Watts per hour for each home, pretty reasonable. That is enough energy for CCFL for the whole house and some appliances.
LOL again. I have CCFL's in my entire house, my house is below the national average for size and the only time I'm in the 500kWh range is winter and early spring. And that is ONLY because I have propane heat and that requires very little electricity to run. Even before I had my CCFL's, the usage was the same. I have since removed ALL my CCFL's and deposed of them at the nearest hazardous material facility. I should also mention that they lasted no longer than my regular heat generating, inefficient light bulbs.

Living on 500kWh on electricity requires very good insulation, no A/C usage, newer propane or natural gas heating, and sparing appliance and lighting usage. I'm in the 500kWh range only in the winter and early spring. I don't have children living at home either. When our kids were home, we never had less than 700 kWh usage. If you had a super efficient house, you might get less than 500. But if you live in some 100 year old, wood window wonder, no way no how (unless you spent tons of money bringing it up to spec).

RE: OMG your basic math...
By tequilaguru on 7/22/2010 8:06:28 PM , Rating: 2
500kWh per month (694W per hour)?, please read carefully, I wrote 525W per hour. I never said 525kWh, that means you consume 525Watts (again not kilowatts) continuously during an entire hour.

A CCFL consumes between 15W and 25W.

RE: OMG your basic math...
By jimhsu on 7/22/2010 4:43:29 PM , Rating: 2
Assuming that commentators on here have ever BEEN to china:

A "home" in China is typically a multi-bedroom high-rise condominium in cities such as Shanghai, but also extending to less populated areas such as Haikou, Hangzhou, etc and such. I personally do not know anyone that lives in anything resembling American-style suburban housing. To get an accurate estimate, you would compare electricity costs to an American-style apartment, then reduce that estimate significantly (because few apartments over there use central A/C; most all have portable window AC units).

From , I estimate electricity to be about 583 KwH/month. That's an American apartment, so I assume that the estimate is a bit high. I'd say the estimate is pretty accurate.

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