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Datapocalypse may be almost upon us

AT&T raised a ruckus early last month when it announced tiered, capped data plans, doing away with "unlimited" data for its smart phone users.  Now Verizon is rumored to soon to be following in suit.

Verizon already offers tiered capped data plans for its 3G PC wireless internet cards ($39.99, 250 MB a month; $59.99, 5 GB a month).  However, its smart phone users currently enjoy a single "unlimited" data allowances capped at a relatively high 5 GB.

Reuters began the rumors early last month when it cited analysts as saying that Verizon was likely to ditch the unlimited option and switch to a tiered pricing scheme.  Now Engadget is claiming that this prediction was correct and that its sources say that a tiered pricing scheme will likely land by July 29.

The report says that the pricing scheme will likely be around that offered by AT&T ($25 for 2GB, $15 for 200MB).  That would mean that Verizon users would ultimately be paying more per MB than they are currently.

Verizon has already suggested that it may adopt a tiered scheme at some point.

All indications are that T-Mobile and Sprint, though, have no intentions of following Verizon and AT&T into the world of capped connections.  Sprint is instead opting to charge users a small premium ($10) on its 4G connections -- T-Mobile may adopt that alternative approach as well.

Will customers embrace AT&T and Verizon's tiered, capped data plans?  Or will they rebel and jump to Sprint and Verizon and agree to pay a nominal fee if they want their data to be transferred at faster rates?  Only time will tell, but it should be interesting to watch for whether Verizon officially airs a tiered smart phone data scheme.

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RE: If they do.....
By Suntan on 7/21/2010 2:05:23 PM , Rating: 2
If 5GB is “ludicrously low” for you on your smartphone, you need to put that thing down for 5 minutes a month and go do something productive.


RE: If they do.....
By FITCamaro on 7/21/2010 3:55:40 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed. With moderate usage on my Droid I'm at a little over a gigabyte.

That said I'm not really in favor of the cap. I'll have reevaluate things next time my plan is up. Main reason I keep Verizon is for the excellent coverage and that my whole family and most friends have it. Switch to another company and I'll need more minutes.

RE: If they do.....
By Suntan on 7/21/2010 4:50:36 PM , Rating: 2
Yes, I think the biggest issue is that of “changing” an unlimited plan to a tiered plan for about the same money. Which is effectively offering less for the same money. Of course this doesn’t sound like a good idea to most customers.

I have no qualms with a capped data plan, but I’d rather see 2GB go for about $18 a month, seeing as the current “unlimited” is $30 a month. $25 a month for 2GB doesn’t sound like much of a reduction.

That said, the reality is that these plans have *very little* to do with what customers think is fair, and *everything* to do with what the competitor down the street is offering.


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