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Tiger Woods PGA Tour series, suffered a 68 per cent drop in U.S. sales

In golf terms; embattled pro golfer Tiger Woods may be experiencing an "immovable obstruction" as it relates to his PGA Tour video game franchise.  The NPD group, a company that tracks industry trends, is reporting that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 video game has taken a dive.  

The newest edition of the PGA Tour series, released in June, has seen an overall drop in sales by 32 percent from the previous version which was released last year.   PGA Tour 11 has experienced a 68 percent drop in U.S. sales alone compared to PGA Tour 10.  Sales for the Wii version of the game fell 86 percent.  

According to the
Game Industry website, which indicates that while sales for PGA Tour 11 may have experienced a decline due in part to a slowdown in sales of the Wii, overall the game has suffered permanent damage because of Woods personal woes.  

Statements revealed on the site indicate that Doug Creutz of Cowan & Company labeled the 86 per cent decline in Wii sales of PGA Tour 11 as "particularly catastrophic."

"Although this is probably due in part to the fact that last year's version shipped bundled with Nintendo's new MotionPlus controller, we are concerned that Woods' scandal woes may have permanently damaged the sales potential of what we believe to be Electronic Art's third most important sports franchise, behind Madden and FIFA," he wrote in a note to investors.

Before the launch of the latest console and online game of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, EA Sports president Peter Moore denied that the game series had been impacted by revelations of Wood's sex life.

EA stood behind the infamous public figure after many companies had withdrawn their sponsorships.

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By blppt on 7/21/2010 3:33:29 PM , Rating: 2
Honestly, I feel the TW series in terms of overall enjoyability (if not accuracy or realism) peaked with TW2004 on Xbox/PS2. Nowadays, there are just too many things to effect your swing and enjoyment of the game after advancing in the game and getting to use the better/best equipment.

I find it hilarious that the better the equipment you achieve in the game, the harder it becomes to exploit that equipment in TW 09+. I can count on one hand the number of drives I've shanked that ended up OOB in TW09 because of the "expert" clubs. In TW04, I have just about every piece of equipment, can power boost drives all day 360+ yards, and get it straight. I still play it to this day because its just far more enjoyable to me than 09+.

And Madden---when was the last time EA revamped the game engine? Looks like more of the same this year. 2010 looks ugly up close (~3ft) on a small 22" 720p monitor (PS3), with end-zone textures washed out and jaggies galore, very noticable detail facial texture pop-in on closeups, etc... Guess when you have exclusivity you just dont have to care that your game looks like crap. Heres hoping 2k sports get the 2k series back in the game if the NFLPA discontinues exclusivity in the future.

(although ironically, the ONE promising, solid major league sports title EA came up with recently was discontinued when 2k got baseball exclusives for 3rd parties. MVP baseball '05 was great)

End rant (for now)

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