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Sony announces no 1080p resolution for 3D games on PS3; will leave strictly in 720p.

According to Joystiq , PlayStation 3 games in 3D will have their HD resolution capped. While demonstrating the newest version of the system at the Develop Conference,  Sony representative Simon Benson announced that games that run at 1080p resolution will be downscaled in 3D mode -- per eye -- to 720p.  

Speaking to
Joystiq, Benson stated that although the PS3 has the capability of displaying a 1080p image, a  resolution higher than 720p has been restricted because Sony contends that a higher frame rate would impact the quality of viewing.  

Blu-ray movies will retain the 1080p resolution.  Blu-rays run at 24 frames per second, but games run at 60 frames per second -- upping the resolution for games would compromise the smoothness of the frames.  While a "more cinematic game" could be equipped to handle the 1080p resolution at the cost of frames, Sony's current guidelines won't allow users to change settings, Benson said.

A true 1080p image consists of 2M individual pixels, about twice the amount shown in a 720p image. Benson added that even trained computer graphic artist could barely tell the difference between resolutions.

On the Newbies Inc. website, Benson indicated that  that online gamers with a 3D TV may have a competitive advantage over those playing on HD sets.

"It all depends on the gamers to be honest. Initially we were slightly concerned about this because we were thinking, what if it makes it twice as easy or something like that."

He also stated that 3D can have the effect of making games more accessible for inexperienced players.

"I think what’s basically going to happen is that anyone who has stereoscopic 3D televisions and, for example, is playing a driving game, I would imagine you’re likely to find that the accessibility level is higher, that people would generally perform better on their first go. But I think at the high end with the hardcore gamers you’ll still see a [3D] advantage there, potentially, but the margins will be far smaller."

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RE: Who cares.
By cmdrdredd on 7/19/2010 5:33:32 PM , Rating: 2
and since I am planning to buy a bigger one after the coming holyday season (boxing day), why not go for 3D? I personally don't mind wearing the glasses. I don't mind either if there is only a handful of games that come out with the feature. I do hope that all 3D movies will come out in 3D blu ray though. I don't mind forking out the extra 500$ either for the glasses + TV 3D support ( likely to be less by the time I buy the stuff ).

That's all well and good but there is no broadcast standard, every watching needs the $100 a pop glasses, and they do induce headaches. Watching a 2 hour movie is one thing, playing a 8-10 hour marathon session on the latest game is quite another thing. Plus I wear glasses already, it's extremely uncomfortable to wear 2 pairs of glasses (no prescription 3D glasses and I can't wear contact lenses so don't even mention it). I can also see games being made gimmicky just cause they're 3D. I can see silly stuff being done in the games just to make some fancy effect you couldn't do in 2D. It will be a very small section of the market that actually uses 3D so I doubt developers will dedicate real resources to it. That's why Nintendo didn't do 3D games before. They actually had a Gamecube with a special LCD that could output 3D, but they realized that people would have to buy the LCD also. So they waited until you could build a hand held system with a 3D display built in that doesn't require any glasses or extra peripheral.

RE: Who cares.
By Phoque on 7/19/2010 9:22:46 PM , Rating: 3
I wear glasses too. Everytime I go to cinema, I look at the movie in 3D and I forget about the two pair of glasses I am wearing ( and they`re cheap 3D glasses ). For me, depth adds up to the experience of any good movie and similarly would add to the experience of any good games. But it has to be a good game to begin with, not some gimmick you refer to.

We naturally see in 3D, how could it not add up? Even if it means lowered details, I believe I will feel more immersed with 3D perspective than with lots of eye candy I anyway don`t have much time to give attention to in action games ( unless I stand still to admire it while a sniper is aiming for my head ).

If it gives you the headache, I can understand it`s a turn off. Also, at this stage of my life, I don't play for 8 hours in a row and I`ve never had a headache after watching several 3D movies, including the 2h42 long Avatar.

I agree though it probably won`t catch up that many people this gaming generation around, that`s why I hope movies will be sold in their 3D version.

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