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Xbox beats Wii and PS3 in June

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By mac2j on 7/17/2010 3:07:11 AM , Rating: 2
I think we're looking at 2013-14 for the new consoles.

MS and Nintendo haven't released anything development-wise and Sony - JUST - started to let it leak they were interfacing with developers on the PS-4 design to make sure its more developer-friendly and they'll have a lot more games sooner than with the Cell.

Ideally Sony probably wants to be able to package a fast multi-core CPU, 3D 1080p (min) capable GPU, a 3D capable Blu-ray player, and an SSD in addition to the usual stuff into their next-gen console for under $500... so about 1/3rd of what it would cost now.

By afkrotch on 7/19/2010 10:29:05 PM , Rating: 2
Really, development for a next gen console wouldn't be all to hard. Sony can slap in two faster cell processor, a new gpu, faster blu-ray drive, and 500 gig hdd.

MS can throw in two new Xenon cpu, blu-ray, and a 500 gig hdd. That right there is 6 cpu cores and 2 gpu cores. Have the gpus crossfired or something.

As consoles become more PC like, it becomes less costly to create a new one.

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