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Recycled Island  (Source: Recycled Island Project)

Living quarters on the island  (Source: Recycled Island Project)

The island's "fertile ground" made of seaweed and human manure fertilizer.  (Source: Recycled Island Project)

A seaweed farm bordering the island  (Source: Recycled Island Project)
Island nation would give recycling a whole new meaning

Located between Hawaii and San Francisco, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a floating column composed largely of particulate plastic residues that may cover an area twice the size of Texas.  Exact determination of size is difficult, due to the inability to image the area with satellite imagery (the particulate polymeric residues which saturate the water are not visible via satellite).

Even as "trash patches" pop up in other oceans, The Netherlands Architecture Fund has dreamed up a wild idea to transform this "dirty" patch into a green paradise.  Under its plan, engineers would build "Recycle Island", a floating island nation, from polymers both from the shore and from those harvest from the water.  The WHIM architecture firm is collaborating on the project, looking at how an urban paradise could be constructed in the unusual location.

The project has three primary goals.  The first is to create on-site recycling of the particles of plastic floating in the water.  That would help with the second goal, which would be to establish a stable and seaworthy island.  Lastly, the island is to be self-sufficient with its own sustainable food and energy sources.

Under the plan, the island would cover 10,000 km
2, roughly the size of Hawaii’s main island.  The island would be its own nation, with its own laws.  It would sustain agriculture, in part, from "fertile ground" formed from compost toilets.  The project founders say it would be an ideal home for "climate refugees".

Ideas floated for power include solar, wave, and wind energies.  Seaweed would be farmed for fertilizer, food, fish farm feed, biofuel, CO2 capture, and medicine.  Chemicals like ammonia, nitrate, phosphate would be harvested from the water in the trash patch.

The project is starting out small, currently looking to gather samples of the water/plastic mix in the garbage patch.  Its organizers are reaching out to recruit chemists and engineers to help figure out the ideal way to recycle the slew into usable material for their envisioned island paradise.

The idea is outlandish and at this point seems unlikely (if merely for economic reasons), but it does seem a charmingly futurist vision.  The full project plan can be found here.

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By dapneym on 7/15/2010 2:06:33 PM , Rating: 3
I really hope some of the other comments have been meant as sarcasm because frankly I think it's a bit much to associate all environmentalists with hippies and socialists. I know plenty of people who care about the environment and actually try to protect it, yet they are neither socialists nor are they hippies. They're average people who recognise that if we want to maintain or better our standard of living on the long-term we do need to take care of the planet.

Anyway, I think the idea of the island is quite cool. It would need a lot of engineering work, and it seems like it would be very, very expensive to build. Maybe it's not the most feasible right now, but it is still an interesting concept, and a good way to clean up some of the rubbish that's in the ocean.

RE: Wow...
By SteelyKen on 7/16/2010 12:27:36 AM , Rating: 4
Your comment is a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately all articles/blogs here are without fail followed by tiresome and inane political blathering complete with pointed fingers towards some left or right wing scapegoat.

Lately I have thought of writing Anand an open letter in the Anandtech forums to ask he sever the news redirects from Anandtech to Daily Tech. I feel his association with this website has tarnished Anandtech and further cheapened the brand. I know all things must change and nothing stays the same forever, but ten years ago I would have never believed what a sad place this has become.

I will leave now so you can continue reading about the carnage Bush and Obama have wrought on this poor innocent nation. /roll eyes

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain
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