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Shortage of Samsung touchscreens are hampering EVO 4G sales

HTC has a string of hits on its hands when it comes to Android-based smartphones. The Droid Incredible, which was introduced back in early June, is still hard to come by due to component shortages and Verizon's website says that new stock won't come in until August 9.

It now appears that another HTC phone is being held back by component shortages: the Sprint's EVO 4G. According to the Wall Street Journal, the main holdup in EVO 4G production comes from the Samsung touchscreens that are used on the smartphone. To make matters worse, Samsung won't have additional production capacity for touchscreens until its new factory is completed in 2012.

Whereas Verizon has a date set in stone for when it will receive additional stock of Droid Incredible smartphones, Sprint simply states on its site:

Sorry, this device is so hot we can’t keep it on our virtual shelves. Check back later – more are on their way!

The EVO 4G is the first smartphone available to U.S. customers with 4G connectivity. Sprint is also currently the only major wireless provider in the United States to offer limited 4G connectivity (courtesy of WiMAX), but larger rivals Verizon and AT&T are quickly moving to ready their competing networks.

"We thought we would have more of a head start than we'll end up having," said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse.

Verizon has begun user trials of its LTE 4G service in five cities and is expected to have the service available in 25 to 30 markets by the end of the year covering 100 million people.

AT&T is reading its LTE network for a late 2010/early 2011 launch.

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RE: artificial shortage?
By inperfectdarkness on 7/12/2010 8:06:40 AM , Rating: 2
makes perfect sense to me.

RE: artificial shortage?
By theapparition on 7/12/2010 10:04:00 AM , Rating: 2
The supply issues with both the Incredible and EVO are screen related. Screen used on the Incredible is AMOLED, while the EVO uses more of a traditional LCD.

The Galaxy S class of phones use Super AMOLED. Rumor is that capacity of thier other lines was constricted to make room for the new line.

Verizon is none to happy with the shortages, and forced HTC to action. Soon the Incredible will be shipping with a combination of LCD (sourced from Sony) and AMOLED.

I suspect Sprint will request something similar.

RE: artificial shortage?
By cubdukat on 7/22/2010 12:22:50 PM , Rating: 2
I think they've already gotten their pee-pees whacked a couple times for this kind of thing in the LCD flat-panel market. It was either Samsung or LG, or both.

It probably wouldn't behoove them to get hit again with a similar accusation, if Samsung got hit before about this.

But this does make things harder for me choosing a new phone. I'm finally graduating from Verizon prepaid to a big-boy phone, and I'm torn between the Droid X and the Droid Incredible. The Incredible is directly affected by the screen shortage problem, but it's also looking like the Droid X has screen issues too...

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