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Apple's Steve Jobs

Google's Larry Page  (Source: Latest Technology News)
Larry Page tries to set the record straight with regards to Android

It's no secret that the relationship between Apple and Google is a bit rocky to say the least. While the two companies forged a partnership with the launch of the original iPhone (Google makes its presence known on the iPhone via Mobile Safari search, YouTube app, and Maps app), Steve Jobs over the past six months or so has been growing a bit resentful of Google's rise to power with its Android mobile operating system.

However, Google's Larry Page now contends that Jobs' anger is misplaced. While speaking at the Allen & Co conference this week in Silicon Valley, Page stated, "We had been working on Android a very long time, with the notion of producing phones that are Internet enabled and have good browsers and all that because that did not exist in the marketplace."

"I think that characterization of us entering after is not really reasonable."

Page then went on to say that Jobs' characterization of the events that took place leading up to Google's release of Android OS as "a little bit of rewriting history."

Earlier this year, Steve Jobs went on a rampage at an Apple Town hall stating that Google's "Don’t Be Evil Mantra Is Bulls**t" -- another source contends that Jobs said that "a load of crap" was the actual statement used, but you get the point.

Last month at the All Things D conference, Jobs again touched on the Google subject stating, "They decided to compete with us. We didn't go into the search business!" 

Despite the difference of opinion on Google' motives for Android, Google CEO (and former Apple board member) Eric Schmidt also weighed in stating that the two companies still have a strong partnership with the iPhone. And just this past March, Jobs and Schmidt were seen canoodling outside a cafe in Palo Alto, California.

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A little difference...
By Aikouka on 7/9/2010 4:41:35 PM , Rating: 2
Last month at the All Things D conference, Jobs again touched on the Google subject stating, "They decided to compete with us. We didn't go into the search business!"

I'm certainly no expert in this subject area, but what first hit me when I read this is the one question you should ask yourself when going into a new business area (or starting a new business in a field) is whether or not there's a decent-sized market (or market segment) available for your product to thrive. Apple entering the search business would be foolish as there really isn't much need for another search engine. Google took off over the old crop (Yahoo, Ask Jeeves!, Dogpile, etc) because it filled the market of people wanting a no-frills, but very potent search engine.

If you look at the smartphone sector, what you had was WinMo 6.x and RIM's Blackberry essentially trying to compete with each other (where Blackberry was quite dominant), but the casual user either had to put up with these clunky business phones or resort to basic "dumbphones". This is where Apple originally fit in with the iPhone as they provided a much simpler experience where you could easily navigate using a single finger rather than having to pull the stylus out or roll a ball around. But I'd say Google wasn't shooting for either of those areas... it wanted to hit the middle. They provided an OS that is capable of similar customization as you could do in WinMo 6.x yet had the same simple and intuitive interface found in iOS. Essentially, the mobile OS aims to please the nerdy and normal phone users alike.

Not to mention this gave other smartphone manufacturers their first real mobile OS they could use to compete with the iPhone, given that Apple certainly isn't going to license out their mobile OS. Factor in that the Android OS is free for manufacturers, and the dollar signs in their eyes were as clear as day!

TLDR: Google filled an open area in the smartphone sector, but no open area really exists in the search sector, so the comparison is somewhat poor.

RE: A little difference...
By bbomb on 7/9/2010 7:15:25 PM , Rating: 3
Googles Android OS is direct competition to Apples products and to say that it is in an entirely different segment because its open and iOS isn't is grasping at straws to differentiate the two.

Apple showed Google how to do it so Google did it to take marketshare from Apple. Business as usual.

RE: A little difference...
By Darkskypoet on 7/9/2010 8:26:32 PM , Rating: 4
Gotta disagree... Palm showed everyone how to do it... Then disappeared off the scene of innovation for like 5 years. Sadly, that was a magical disapearing trick. However, HP might finally make something of the IP. If you think Apple has patents in the mobile device segment, just take a look at Palms... There's a reason Apple shut up about suing Palm over touch interface patents. Palm holds most of them.

"We’re Apple. We don’t wear suits. We don’t even own suits." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs
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