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The V8 formerly known as Hemi will continue as the 5.7-liter V8

In the heyday of the muscle car era, the Hemi in the Plymouth and other Mopar muscle cars was one of the most desired power plants on the car market. As the fuel crisis of the 70's heated up, the Hemi eventually died out with the other gas guzzling power plants of the late 60's and very early 70's.

When Chrysler decided to revamp its image and appeal to buyers who wanted more power (and remembered the Mopar Hemi engine from the muscle car era), the automaker brought the Hemi back to the market. Many will recall the commercial featuring the pair of rednecks asking, "That thing got a Hemi?" that helped cars and trucks packing the engine to sell very well for Chrysler.

The problem today with the image of the Hemi is that many consumers and automakers are now starting to focus on green vehicles with better fuel economy and less focus on performance and power. With the entire image of the Hemi built on power and performance, Chrysler is now reportedly retiring the Hemi moniker again.

The Wall Street Journal reports that some dealers have stated that the Hemi name is being retired, but the 5.7-liter V8 engine that bears the name will live on in cars and trucks. Rather than the vehicles wearing the Hemi badge and marketing, the vehicles will simply be sold with a 5.7-liter V8.

The WSJ reports that the retirement of the Hemi name is a reflection of the changes being made under the new management from Fiat with more focus on fuel economy and features making the vehicles using the V8 easier on the wallet and environment. One of the features that will be touted is displacement reduction that can turn off cylinders when not needed to improve fuel economy. 

Unlike Chrysler, Ford is reviving its famous performance name “5.0” for its new 2011 Mustang. The new Mustang GT gets a potent 5.0-liter V8 engine with 412 hp and very impressive fuel economy offering power and green features in one package while the new V6 packs in V8 levels of performance while sipping fuel.

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RE: Dear Chrysler,
By kmmatney on 7/8/2010 1:35:39 PM , Rating: 2
I've had similar experiences. I have 160K miles on our AWD Grand Caravan, which I have been repairing myself since 100K miles. The auto shop wanted to charge $1400 to repair the rear boot and shock absorbers, which I was able to repair myself for about $200. We spent $700 a while back for a new transmission solenoid pack, when the transmission was popping out of gear. The actual problem was that the transmission fluid level was low! We spent about $4000 on repairs over the years until I started fixing things myself, and realizing how much we were overpaying.

The problem is that most people won't be able to make any repairs themselves, and are at the mercy of the repair shop.

While it's hard to complain about getting 160K miles on a 4WD minivan, I don't think I would buy another Dodge. We are just keeping it as I live in Colorado, and it handles great in the snow.

RE: Dear Chrysler,
By callmeroy on 7/9/2010 9:00:32 AM , Rating: 2
Ahh Chrysler last car was a Dodge Avenger (2008).

Worse car I ever had...and I want it noted that includes my first two cars ever...a 1980 Camaro I bought for $2000 and a 1991 Firebird I bought for $4200 about 4 or 5 years later.

I've been fortunate or at least I feel fortunate that ever since the Firebird all my cars have been brand new (mostly leases)...

The dodge sucked the most of all ... but not all of it was the car itself --- the service of the dealership was the worse customer service I have ever gotten from a car dealership in my life. Rude people that just really had that aire that they would have to actually try harder to care LESS about me as a customer.

Then the car within a month (I think it was two weeks actually) the transmission just decides to shift out of gear while I'm driving down the highway at 60 MPH...yeah that scared the crap out of me.

Then the AC screwed up --- twice...leaked water all over my passenger side floor mats, plus the fan motor burnt out -- twice.

Then I had issues with their repair work -- windshield was cracked by some punk kid that throw rocks down from on top of an overpass as me and two other cars were driving I take it to Dodge authorized repair center...not once...not twice...NOT THREE times...but the FOURTH time they finally repair the windshield so it doesn't leak. ( I was told the repair guy was fired over that one and given a "free upgraded quality windshield").

Then there was a safety recall on the seat belts and the door seal. I didn't have any issues with the seatbelts...but the door seals needed a second repair to get right.

Mind you all this stuff was within the first 12 months of having this vehicle.

It just infuriated me the level of incompetance and unprofessionalism...

I will never buy dodge again...I couldn't turn in that car fast enough.

"What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." -- Michael Dell, after being asked what to do with Apple Computer in 1997

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