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Internal weapons bay  (Source: Boeing)
Boeing and South Korea expected to enter deal for F-15SE Silent Eagle

If Boeing is able to secure an export license for the F-15SE "Silent Eagle" jet, the company plans to offer it to South Korea and other interested clients.

Boeing and South Korean officials have communicated about a possible deal over the past 12 months, but Boeing has had to wait until the F-15SE's low-observable jet stealth technology is evaluated.

The U.S. contractor believes its fighter jet is ideal because it's customizable and can support larger digital cockpit displays, AESA radar, newer radar absorbent coatings, and other features unavailable in older aircraft.

The expected price tag of the F-15SE is about $100 million, but can changed depending on the technology and hardware installed.

The country reportedly "has asked for information on Silent Eagle so now we've applied for the [license] and we hope to get that before the end of the month," said Brad Jones, Boeing F-15SE program manager, in an interview.  "As soon as the export license is provided, then I can provide [marketing] information to a country."

The aircraft was publicly introduced in 2009, and some military analysts believe it could help fill a possible fighter gap.  Boeing was unsure if it would offer the F-15SE to other nations, but South Korea first asked in late 2009 -- Boeing filed the necessary paperwork in early 2010, and expects to receive approval to sell the aircraft.

It's not uncommon for South Korea, Japan, Britain, and other U.S. allies to receive U.S. fighter jets in exchange for money and other forms of compensation -- but the U.S. government must approve of any deals before they're completed.

The aircraft is a technological step ahead of U.S. jets in use today (save for the F-22 Raptor), but still doesn't compare to the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) from Lockheed Martin.

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RE: I'm still not convinced about the F-35
By gamerk2 on 7/12/2010 9:29:53 AM , Rating: 1
The F-35 was initally supposed to be a plane for ALL the servies [prior to the AF pulling out], that could fufill every role imagineable.

Problem is, current planes do those same roles better; F-15/F18 are better pure dogfighters, the A-10 has it beat on ground attack runs. The JSF was simply meant to be the plane that would make everyone happy and share enough parts to drive down prices.

I think a much better investment would be to create remote control systems; the planes can do far more then pilots could live through to begin with, so remove the pilots and make a few hundred more of our current fighters. Cheapest option avaliable in my mind.

By monkeyman1140 on 7/12/2010 10:09:08 AM , Rating: 1
The F-35 was supposed to be "The Next F-16". It was assumed it would be an export plane, delivered to the militaries of the free world.

What they didn't expect was a resurgent Europe and its quite capable indigenous military industries. The Rafale and the Eurofighter far outclass the F-35 and many of the world's militaries are looking for a more reliable supplier than the USA.

We have a bad habit of embargoing governments the moment they don't do what we tell them to, so no country wants to be overly dependent on just American hardware. Look what happened to Iran and Venezuela, both which had to hurriedly switch over their militarys to more available Russian and European hardware.

By marvdmartian on 7/12/2010 10:48:32 AM , Rating: 1
Not only that, but the F35 has to not only be able to take off from an Air Force long-ass runway, but also have the VTOL capabilities that the Marines want, as well as being able to take the high stress catapult launches and arresting wire recoveries of a carrier at sea.

How much would it have cost to re-develop the F22's to do those last 2 jobs??

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