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Despite iPhone issues, life is good for Apple, thanks to the best-selling iPad

In response to record demand for the Apple iPad, Apple, Inc. is stepping up its production efforts.  As of last month the Cupertino giant topped 3 million units sold worldwide.

Apple originally set a goal of reaching production of 2.5 million units a month to be reached by December, but it now appears that it may hit that number well ahead of schedule, in response to high demand.

According to Digitimes Research:
Apple is estimated to have outsourced 2.3-2.35 million iPads to Taiwan players in July with 58-60% for the Wi-Fi and 3G hybrid model despite Wi-Fi only models having stronger sales in the first half of 2010, Kuo noted.
That's up greatly from the 1.2 million units that Digitimes Research estimated in June.  And it's way above the 700,000 units that the iPad began shipping per month at launch in April (U.S.).

The move indicates two things -- first that Apple plans on selling a lot more iPads, and second that it's trying to push the public to make those sales of the more lucrative 3G-ready iPad (a move its U.S. carrier AT&T is surely excited about).

The wildest analyst estimates pegged the iPad at selling 8 million units this year.  If Apple can continue to quickly ramp up production, though, it stands to sell as many as 16-18 million units this year.  We'd be conservative, bumping our previous estimate to 15 million units for the year.

This terrific sales success is great news for Apple on a number of levels.  First, it establishes the company as the top player in a promising emerging market.  Second it should lead to a "halo effect" boosting sales of other Apple products.  And finally, it should help Apple to overcome the negative publicity of the numerous issues that the iPhone 4 suffered -- including signal woes, proximity sensor malfunctions, and not fully cured sealants.

Later this month the iPad will come to more countries overseas, including Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore, which should help to continue to stoke the sales flame.

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By Ted Landry on 7/6/2010 5:18:04 PM , Rating: 0
or you can do it yourself and it costs $12

the funny thing is, nobody needs to replace their iPhone battery for the first 5 years!

By zonkie on 7/6/2010 6:06:34 PM , Rating: 2
1. i don't care
2. i don't care
3. i don't care
4. it's not an iphone
5. i don't care
6. i don't care
7. i don't care
8. it has 4 g's
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12. it's not an iphone
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16. is it an iphone?
17. i don't care
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20. i don't care

By consumerwhore on 7/6/2010 6:28:14 PM , Rating: 2
Whoa! You wouldn't happen to have brown fur and a disproportionate head, would you?

By Luticus on 7/7/2010 8:45:00 AM , Rating: 2
I love when people do this sort of thing. you essentially contributed nothing... i mean if all you're going to say is "i don't care" they why bother to post in the first place. Obviously you cared enough to post.

I don't care isn't an argument, it's a defense. instead of using copy/paste to reiterate it for all of my lines you could have just simply said "i disagree" and i would have been fine with that. :D

as for your "it's not an iphone" lines the man above said why apple sucks, not why iphone sucks.

on line 16 i was referring to the all in one imacs that used to be popular a while back... i HATE those things.

if you have anything real to contribute for or against my points, please get back to me. i love a good debate.

By Luticus on 7/7/2010 8:37:51 AM , Rating: 2
i'll concede on this point, however i'll add one more bit to make it more valid again.

1. the replacement batter (while neat-o, and something i didn't know about) is 3rd party, not that that's bad or anything. It just wasn't apples intention. meaning they still suck for not having user replaceable batteries. The price on this is however good.

2. iphone batteries get between 2-3 years of life before they start to die off. this is adequate as most people replace their phones at around the 2 year mark anyway... i get that. user replaceable batteries from the factory are my preference, i'm not one for form over function.

the battery thing is one of the lesser issues i have with the iphone though so this, while great, doesn't solve much for me.

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