HTC reports unaudited profits

Most of HTC's early years were spent as a contract maker of phones that were rebranded by other companies. HTC started to brand devices with its own mark and has made a big name for itself over the last few years in the smartphone and feature phone industry.

HTC has announced its unaudited Q2 profits reports 
The Wall Street JournalThe WSJ reports that the profits at HTC rose by an incredible 33 percent for the quarter. Total net profit for HTC for the quarter than ended on June 30 was $268 million USD (NT$8.64 billion). That amount works out to 37 cents per share. The profits are the largest posted by HTC since Q4 2007 when it reported NT$9.99 billion.

HTC revenue grew 58% to NT$60.53 billion in Q2 compared to NT$38.20 billion the previous year for the same quarter and NT$37.7 billion for Q1 2010. The significant growth in profits beat the estimates HTC had previously offered.

HTC issued a statement saying, "HTC's second-quarter earnings result is better than its original second-quarter guidance, [as] both June and second-quarter revenues continuously hit record highs."

Analyst Bonnie Chang from Yuanta Securities told 
The WSJ, "We expect the strong momentum to continue in the second half of the year as HTC will launch another round of new smartphone models in the third quarter."

Chang predicts that handset shipments will hit 20 million this year for HTC compared to 12 million shipped in 2009.

HTC is currently the largest maker of smartphones using Microsoft mobile operating systems, but the company is better known today for its Android handsets. Popular Android handsets from HTC include the EVO 4G and the Droid Incredible. The EVO 4G is the first 4G handset on the market and is offered exclusively by Sprint.

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