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Tesla Roadster 2.5  (Source: Tesla Motors)
Extended production sales leads to the electric sports car's makeover

The Tesla Roadster is receiving its fourth major production update with the new Roadster 2.5, a revised version of the electric sports car with a new grille and rear bumper.

The 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5 received an updated grille that resembles the design of the Model S as well as a new rear bumper with a diffuser element. Other cosmetic changes include more comfortable seats, improved surface finishes and an optional seven inch touchscreen display that includes a backup camera. So far, there are no powertrain changes to the vehicle.

Earlier this year, Tesla planned to stop production of the Roadster and announced in a Form S-1 filing of its preliminary prospectus with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that the company would replace the Roadster with a new model that would be introduced in 2013 at the very soonest. 

But in March of this year, the auto company said they negotiated further with key suppliers and felt they could increase the Roadster's production by 40 percent, extending sales into 2012. Undoubtedly, Tesla's recent success with their initial public offering, which helped the automaker earn over US $226 million from share purchases, has put the company in a better financial place and is helping them stay on track with the 2012 goal. 

Originally, the shares were expected to sell for $14-$16 a piece, but ended up selling for $17. In addition, there was an increase in the number of shares sold. Tesla planned to release 11.1 million shares, but released 13.3 million shares instead, and at a higher cost, which makes this a triumphant success for the auto company. Though, only 17 percent of shares have been sold to the public.

Tesla stocks are now over $21.50 a share, and Tesla is valued at US $1.33 billion. With the IPO's help in bringing Tesla out of a financial crisis, the company's production plan consists of releasing the Roadster 2.5 in 2011 and the Model S in 2012. In addition, the automaker has opened two new Tesla stores in Newport Beach, California and Copenhagen, Denmark. 

No prices on the Roadster 2.5 have been released yet, but the vehicle is available for order and will appear in Tesla stores everywhere "soon."

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RE: Government subsidies
By Dewey115 on 7/4/2010 3:50:05 AM , Rating: 2
Where is this shangrila of medicine that you speak of? I lived in the UK and the British doctor on base specifically warned me not to use the local hospitals because they had serious issues, i.e. using bedding over without washing, bugs in the ward, and lack of nurses to name a few. A friend experienced all those and more in the local hospital with his wife. You are putting up a lot of misinformation based on BS.

Business-in-asia website has a good collection of top medical tourism spots and their cost comparison to the us. You will find we dont come remotely close in cost despite being AT BEST on par with many of them. Or go to wikipedia and search for "medical tourism." Scan through the "destinations" section and you will find that many of them are destinations because of the huge savings in costs compared to the US. While I am not saying to go to every country listed many are much safer than the US in incidence of deaths, infections, and complications. I also dont see how one isolated experience from one friend of yours is a valid argument in really any debate. Now some validated reports of a significant number of people having similar problems then maybe... but even then I never said go to the UK, I merely said not the US. Maybe theirs is really bad? I dont know about the UK. I am full of no BS or opinion (other than the very first part of this post,) just facts, where are your supporting sources?
Our system is more expensive because we subsidize most of the drug research by pay full cost while the rest of the world caps those cost by factoring out R&D costs. We also have more advanced diagnostics in our hospitals than most of the world and the latest tech costs money. If someone needs the most advanced procedure they come here, if you want a common procedure for less there are other choices but they come without safe guards. Nothing is free

Of the top 8 major drug companies in the world only 2 are US companies and one of those is Johnson & Johnson who contributes very little to the pharmaceutical industry compared to the others. I dont see how "R&D costs" have anything to do with the fact that health care in the US is often times up to 1000% higher than comparable countries when many more contries are paying these "R&D costs."
As for the tech aspect we actually aren't even near the top of the non-3rd world countries. We are in the top about 80% but that is very far from "We also have more advanced diagnostics in our hospitals than most of the world and the latest tech costs money." I guess if you ignore 20% of the world then yeah we beat most. The HealthAffairs website has a list of the countries and how much high tech medical equipment is available per 100k people who live there, we aren't even close to the top unless you include 3rd world countries, then we dont look THAT bad... but we are not even close to the top. The PBS website from "July-Dec09" has a general comparison of how much health care costs each person in many big countries. We dont lead in any catagory except being the most expensive... that is it. I'm not sure where you are getting any of your information but I would love to read a few of your sources... talk about spouting BS and misinformation. Please do some research before you try to call someone out about something you obviously have no real knowledge about, you are just regurgitating what the government and drug companies told you (talk about biased sources).

RE: Government subsidies
By Reclaimer77 on 7/4/10, Rating: 0
RE: Government subsidies
By Dewey115 on 7/4/2010 4:42:53 PM , Rating: 2
Where are your objective sources that prove that the statistics are slanted? I find that comparing apples to apples provides a pretty objective view. Comparing how much something costs in american dollars compared to how much something costs in american dollars seems to be pretty straight forward in my experiences. I prefer debates that use facts, not just your opinion. Anyone can say "your wrong because I said so" so step up and show some factual basis for what you are saying.

RE: Government subsidies
By Reclaimer77 on 7/4/10, Rating: -1
RE: Government subsidies
By Dewey115 on 7/6/10, Rating: 0
RE: Government subsidies
By Dewey115 on 7/6/2010 3:52:04 PM , Rating: 1
I dont know why I cannot post links, this is just stupid. I see others post comments but when i try I get a "This comment is apparently spam and we do not allow spam comments" and it wont let me post. If you actually want to know I can e-mail you the links for the facts that I stated.

RE: Government subsidies
By Dewey115 on 7/6/10, Rating: 0
"Google fired a shot heard 'round the world, and now a second American company has answered the call to defend the rights of the Chinese people." -- Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-N.J.)

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