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Tesla Roadster 2.5  (Source: Tesla Motors)
Extended production sales leads to the electric sports car's makeover

The Tesla Roadster is receiving its fourth major production update with the new Roadster 2.5, a revised version of the electric sports car with a new grille and rear bumper.

The 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5 received an updated grille that resembles the design of the Model S as well as a new rear bumper with a diffuser element. Other cosmetic changes include more comfortable seats, improved surface finishes and an optional seven inch touchscreen display that includes a backup camera. So far, there are no powertrain changes to the vehicle.

Earlier this year, Tesla planned to stop production of the Roadster and announced in a Form S-1 filing of its preliminary prospectus with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that the company would replace the Roadster with a new model that would be introduced in 2013 at the very soonest. 

But in March of this year, the auto company said they negotiated further with key suppliers and felt they could increase the Roadster's production by 40 percent, extending sales into 2012. Undoubtedly, Tesla's recent success with their initial public offering, which helped the automaker earn over US $226 million from share purchases, has put the company in a better financial place and is helping them stay on track with the 2012 goal. 

Originally, the shares were expected to sell for $14-$16 a piece, but ended up selling for $17. In addition, there was an increase in the number of shares sold. Tesla planned to release 11.1 million shares, but released 13.3 million shares instead, and at a higher cost, which makes this a triumphant success for the auto company. Though, only 17 percent of shares have been sold to the public.

Tesla stocks are now over $21.50 a share, and Tesla is valued at US $1.33 billion. With the IPO's help in bringing Tesla out of a financial crisis, the company's production plan consists of releasing the Roadster 2.5 in 2011 and the Model S in 2012. In addition, the automaker has opened two new Tesla stores in Newport Beach, California and Copenhagen, Denmark. 

No prices on the Roadster 2.5 have been released yet, but the vehicle is available for order and will appear in Tesla stores everywhere "soon."

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RE: Government subsidies
By knutjb on 7/3/2010 2:27:44 AM , Rating: 0
You have a decidedly far left twist on how the US should run. Show me a successful, totally independent communist, socialist, marxist, or fascist country. You can't. Free markets fail because of poorly written, badly implemented, and misguided regulation.

Conservatives are not asking for a laissez-faire economy. Regulation is required. Our current regulation stemming from from the depression era tend to be good intentioned but has serious repercussions.

A high tax rate on the rich, I'm not rich or even close, has a negative affect on the middle and poor people.

By playing poor and middle incomes against the rich, the progressives are screwing those they proclaim to help. Back in the 90s when the left enacted the "luxury tax" on the rich they hurt a number of small cottage industries making boats and other items made by middle and lower income people.

Read Capitalism and Freedom or Free to Choose by Milton Friedman. His bio:

Capitalism works and creates wealth that no other system can come close to. Unfortunately, we are floundering down a socialist path that will keep unemployment flat at around 10-15%. Look at what France did in the 70s and how they function now. Look at Greece. Look at how Germany is rethinking their spending.

Progressive/Liberal "Feel Good" idealism is the road to misery and suffering. When you blame the economic engine for all things bad you doom society to failure.

Belief that only government can make all well and all business is bad is ignorant at best.

RE: Government subsidies
By shin0bi272 on 7/3/10, Rating: 0
RE: Government subsidies
By knutjb on 7/5/2010 6:03:09 PM , Rating: 3
Apparently the facts and history aren't well liked or appreciated by those on the left...

"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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