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Apple CEO Steve Jobs holding an iPhone 4  (Source: Brisbane Times)
Suit seeks unspecified damages

The iPhone 4 had only been on the market for a few hours when some users started to complain that the device had poor reception. Part of the issue is the design of the antenna, which is integrated into the phone and visible on the metal band sandwiched between the front and back glass of the smartphone.

Shortly after the issues caught on in the media, the subject of class action suits started being bandied about. The first of the suits has been filed and is seeking class action status in the United States Court for the District of Maryland. The two main plaintiffs in the case are Kevin McCaffrey of Nottingham, Maryland and Linda Wrinn of Baltimore, Maryland. The suit seeks a jury trial.

A few of the major claims in the suit are general negligence on behalf of Apple and AT&T, defect in design, manufacture and assembly on behalf of Apple, breach of express warranty and implied warranty by Apple and AT&T, deceptive trade practices by both companies and intentional misrepresentation by both companies. A total of nine claims are made.

The suit documents don't offer a specific amount of money being sought in the "Prayer for Relief" section and asks the judge to award any such relief that may be just and proper.

The early complaints allege that when the iPhone 4 is held just right the iPhone drops from four or five bars when sitting on the table to one bar or in some cases no service at all when held in the hand and much of the antenna is covered by the palm. The solution to the problem according to Steve Jobs is to simply not hold the smartphone that way.

Apple has continued to maintain that there are no reception issues on the phone and that the performance users are seeing is normal.

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The real failure is on customers
By LCS2009 on 7/1/2010 5:03:56 PM , Rating: 2
The real failure is on customers because they keep buying products to a dictator company that DOES NOT care about customers, instead they care about MONEY.
We have A LOT of signals of that behavior: APPs control, Remote Kill APPs program, Flash prohibition, location awarenes (if OFF, then no iTunes) and a big ETC!

It was PREDICTED that Apple (and CEO dictator) would say "Just hold it other way", "you are holding it wrong", "buy a case"

It's customers fault to keep buying them and not showing APPLE that if they don't do what customers want, then customers will NOT buy them.

By wgbutler on 7/2/2010 9:42:16 AM , Rating: 2

The real failure is on customers because they keep buying products to a dictator company that DOES NOT care about customers, instead they care about MONEY.

Do you feel the same way about the government as you do about this company?

No one is forcing you to buy Apple products. There are plenty of excellent alternatives out there (like Android) and you are free to go with those products. And if you buy an iPhone 4 and don't like it for any reason you can return it for a full refund in 30 days.

On the other hand, soon the government will force you to buy health insurance and pay higher taxes. Are you by any chance angry about THAT, or that somehow OK with you?

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