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Hulu Plus app for the iPhone
Be prepared to fork over the $$$ if you want streaming Hulu content to your mobile device or console

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By StevoLincolnite on 6/29/2010 4:30:11 PM , Rating: 2
I was going to point out the new data cap on AT&T's network some how i feel the AT&T knew about this and wanted to be able to charge boatloads more.

Data caps are a pain, at-least you didn't have to experience 256kbps "Broadband" (Also known as fraudband), with a tiny 200mb download limit (Megabytes not Gigabytes!) and then charge $150 a megabyte there after, all for a low $30 a month. (This plan was a few years ago with our Monopoly ISP Telstra).

It wasn't un-common for people to end up with $10,000 or more bills in the mail.

However.. The average user on the internet wouldn't use even 50gb, yet you have a very tiny minority who have a habit to try and download the entire internet.
Those small users cost a fortune, saturate the network ruining the experience for everyone.

There is simple solution to that however, and that is for AT&T to upgrade it's network to handle the extra load, unfortunately... That costs money, and doing it the way they are doing it is cheaper and easier. - Hopefully competition will bring them back in line... Hopefully!

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