TiVO announces highly-anticipated dual-tuner HD DVR with support for CableCARD and improves line-up with mobility services

CES 2006 – TiVo announces that it will introduce a new HD-ready DVR that supports CableCARD, the new standard for content security that is currently being distributed by service providers. The new TiVo will be equipped with dual HD tuners and has been anticipated by users for a long time coming. Motorola already has a dual HD PVR on the market -- the HDTV 6412 DVR -- which is available from Comcast. During the press event, TiVo did not mention how many new devices it will be releasing, but they did mention that we can expect to see something in 2006. No exact date was given but TiVo CEO Mike Ramsey mentioned that we could expect a high-definition CableCARD ready DVR unit early this year.

TiVo also announced that it will be expanding its line of DVRs that will be fully upgraded with broadband-enabled features. Connectivity was also a primary concern for TiVo and the next generation Series3 units will be able to connect to Windows PCs and Windows Mobile devices to transfer content. Owners of Series3 units will also be able to grab HD programming through cable and over the air broadcasts. During Bill Gates’ CES 2006 launching keynote, Microsoft announced a partnership with TiVo which will result in users being able to watch programs recorded with their TiVo device, directly on their PDAs.

A new service being launched by TiVo this year, dubbed Tahiti, will enable new connectivity features for users who are on the go but wish to stay connected to their TV programming. TiVoToGo, which is part of the Tahiti service aims to let Windows Mobile users stream recorded content directly through an IP based connection. Locally, users will also be able to transfer content through a USB connection. The new service will also allow users to store content onto their computers incase their TiVo unit runs out of space.

In terms of DRM, users will be limited to accessing their content from 10 devices by using a Media Access Key. Unfortunately to replay content, users will have to re-enter a password each time. Content being streamed can be played using Windows Media Player 10. Interestingly enough, users will be able to take their content with them by recording shows onto DVD which has no rights management features.

"The whole principle [of censorship] is wrong. It's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't have steak." -- Robert Heinlein
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