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BP oil spill directs country's viewpoint toward renewable energy

recent poll by Rasmussen Reports, an American public opinion polling firm, confirmed that 73 percent of Americans believe it's important for the United States to cut its dependency on fossil fuels. Rasmussen Reports conducted the poll on June 16-17 asking 1,000 Americans what their thoughts were on fossil fuel dependency, government policies, and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The poll states that 73 percent of American adults believe it's "at least somewhat important for the country to change it's dependency on fossil fuels" while another 42 percent of adults think it's very important. Only 23 percent say it's not important at all. As far as the government's involvement in fossil fuels goes, 41 percent believe government policies should be enacted to "discourage use of fossil fuels and encourage the use of alternative energy." 

BP's recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which began April 20 when the oil rig Deepwater Horizon exploded, has clearly impacted more than just its surrounding environment. While countless amounts of wildlife have been destroyed and several businesses ruined, this poll indicates that Americans all over the country are speaking out in anger against this disaster, and their not just environmentalists. 

According to the poll, 43 percent of American adults believe that the disastrous oil leak in the Gulf is at least "somewhat likely to change our dependency on fossil fuels in the near future." On that same note, 54 percent of women say the Gulf oil leak will cause America to change its dependency on fossil fuels, but 61 percent of men think that idea is unlikely.

Despite the number of Americans who think cutting fossil fuel dependency is important, a majority of U.S. citizens still believe offshore drilling is vital to meet the energy needs of America. Seventy-six percent think offshore drilling is at least somewhat important in meeting these needs, and 60 percent believe offshore drilling should be allowed despite the oil spill in the Gulf.

When questioned about the United States' future purchases of foreign oil , only 29 percent of citizens believe the country will buy less oil from the Middle East. Forty-five percent think it will stay the same and 19 percent think the U.S. will buy more foreign oil over the next five years. 

There is a ray of light through some of those bleak numbers, though. According to the poll, 48 percent of U.S. citizens say they are likely to buy an alternative energy car in the next 10 years, and 63 percent say "investing in renewable energy resources such as solar and wind is the better long-term financial investment for America than investing in fossil fuels."

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By shin0bi272 on 6/22/2010 7:48:28 PM , Rating: 2
Recently I heard from some oil person in a news blurb that we here in the US (and off the continental shelf) have 300 years worth of oil (just oil not including coal and natural gas) but we arent allowed to get it because of eco-nutjobs like the idiot green girls pictured in this article lobbying the government to buy up private land (30% in some states) and ban drilling in those areas.

The incompetence of us moving to a "green economy" when there is nothing that can replace oil, coal, or natural gas is like Saudi Arabia saying "tomorrow we're going to move to an all volcanic hydrothermal electricity system and stop pumping and selling oil"... Its insane! You don't jump into the new boat and paddle out to sea if the boat is only half finished! But that's what the people who cant do math but "love mother earth" want us to do!

That's why the media is showing its muscle here. The poll (conveniently taken during an oil spill) is asking if we should stop using so much oil... duh of course people are going to say yes... its all they've been hearing about for 67 days! The propaganda machine is in full force on the environment and its working... the sheeple are falling for the socialist message.

This poll will be used and touted by the left as reason to push cap and trade. Then next year when gas is 7 or 9 bucks a gallon and the economy has fallen off a cliff all the ecomentalists will have gotten their way and we will all be living in mud huts with horse manure binder and using solar panels handed out by the "benevolent government" for power. yay "progress"!!

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