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  (Source: Mother Jones)

Dead sea creatures are washing ashore, including endangered sea turtles and dolphins. This is one of the dolphin corpses that washed ashore.  (Source: Mother Jones)

Meanwhile, offshore, live dolphins are getting dangerous close to beaching themselves in an effort to escape the toxic spill.  (Source: AP)

BP is trying to clean up the spill by dumping "paper towels" -- special oil absorbant paper-based pads -- on the beach. BP and government officials are reportedly banning the media from unauthorized visits to coastal parks.  (Source: Mother Jones)
Dolphins, sea turtles, and sea birds are dying from the spill; as are local businesses

Marine scientists following wildlife in The Gulf of Mexico say they are witnessing a bizarre and perhaps unprecedented exodus of wildlife.  The creatures are fleeing the thick layers of oil and dispersants that are washing ashore from the wreck of BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig that in late April exploded and began spilling oil into the Gulf.

Dolphins and whales, who can suffer organ damage, brain damage, fertility issues, and even death from exposure to the toxic vapors, are swimming into shallow waters, putting themselves in danger of being beached.  Meanwhile, mullets, crabs, rays, small fish, and oil-drenched sea birds are fleeing into the swamps surrounding the Gulf Coast.

Unfortunately the overcrowding may result in the creatures dying anyways from lack of oxygen or being picked off by hungry predators.  But the animals have little choice.  States Larry Crowder, a Duke University marine biologist, "A parallel would be: Why are the wildlife running to the edge of a forest on fire? There will be a lot of fish, sharks, turtles trying to get out of this water they detect is not suitable."

So far 783 birds, 353 turtles and 41 mammals (dolphins and whales) have died as a result of the spill.  There have been conflicting reports on the death tolls; some estimates from wildlife officials this week (such as a Monday morning interview aired on National Public Radio) claim much higher totals of dead sea birds -- as many as 2,000.

The deaths are tragic, but still have yet to approach the loss of life that resulted when the Exxon Valdez spilled its cargo of oil off the coast of Alaska in 1989.  That spill killed an estimated 250,000 birds and 2,800 otters.

Wildlife aren't the only thing dying in the region.  Scores of local businesses that rely on tourism, seafood, or boating are also also collapsing or close to collapse.  Under pressure from President Obama, BP has set up a compensation fund to pay off those who lost business, but it is not clear yet how fully or quickly claims are being filled.

Meanwhile an interesting twist has come in the cleanup attempts.  As BP waits for the completion of a lengthy relief well drilling operation, it has reportedly resorted to dropping oil absorbant paper-based pads on the shore that its workers refer to as "paper towels".  Mother Jones reporter Mac McClelland was the first to get pictures of the unusual approach.

Some (such as the anchors on NPR's Friday "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me") have criticized the fact that BP is cutting down trees to clean up the marine disaster.  Perhaps the use of "paper towels" shouldn't come as a surprise, though -- in the past BP has compared plugging the leaking well to plugging up a toilet.

Another point raised by McClelland is that BP contractors and government officials with state Department(s) of Wildlife and Fisheries have cordoned off the sea shore at wildlife shores and manned it with security guards to try to prevent reporters from unauthorized exploration the scene.  According to NPR radio, when contacted the officials claimed that they were indeed allowing reporters to check out the shore, but you merely had to apply for permits.  They say that unauthorized access could endanger the cleanup.  McClelland obviously gained access by other means, though -- his kayak.

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RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By JasonMick on 6/21/2010 12:09:04 PM , Rating: 0
While President Obama thought it was a fine time to go golfing....again. Stop being a hypocritical asshat.

Yes, because obviously the federal government has the knowledge to fix the spill, but have just been holding back on us. And that's pretty bad considering it's their responsibility too! Didnt they get the memo that they are supposed to cover for the private sector 24-7 when it screws up? I mean they were doing such a great job with the bank bailout, how could they forget all of a sudden??

Oh and Obama golfing? That's horrible. I mean no president has EVER gone golfing before when serious things are happening on a world arena. Start the impeachment proceedings now.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By The Raven on 6/21/2010 12:42:38 PM , Rating: 2
Although I agree that Obama's skeptics have been too hard on him, I have to say that the gov't has basically declared (over the years) that they are supposed to be there 24/7, ready for any emergency that occurs in the private sector. And I'm not clear exactly where you're being sarcastic here but no one thought that the bank bailouts 'should have'/ 'should have had to' happen (depending if you think they should've been bailed out or not). That is to say, no one thought we should've been in the situation that warranted them in the first place.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By Anoxanmore on 6/21/2010 1:21:44 PM , Rating: 1
Except, this is in international waters, and therefore the US government has no authority in said waters. :/

People keep forgetting that part.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By ZachDontScare on 6/21/2010 2:33:58 PM , Rating: 3
hmm, no, its in US territory. Its about 50 miles out if I recall correctly, and I believe the US claims 200 miles in the Gulf. Plus, the oil is hitting US territory, which clearly makes it a US government matter.

Technically, I believe what matters in maritime issues is where the platform/boat is chartered. ie, what flag is on the platform. That determine's whos law applies.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By aharris on 6/21/2010 3:40:31 PM , Rating: 1
Not to mention BP's American headquarters are located in Houston, TX. This absolutely warrants US Government jurisdiction.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By The Raven on 6/21/2010 2:51:23 PM , Rating: 2
No I'm not forgetting that. Think about who's shores that this is affecting Einstein. That is the disaster we are talking about here, no? I don't know where you are, but here in the States we are most concerned about the loss of our coastal wildlife and loss of the livelihood of the locals.

Sure there is a concern for the general health of the ocean, but that is not the emergency we are talking about here.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By Anoxanmore on 6/21/10, Rating: 0
RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By knutjb on 6/21/10, Rating: 0
RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By rcc on 6/21/2010 2:25:51 PM , Rating: 4
You are absolutely correct. The US government doesn't have the knowledge to plug the leak. Evidently, no one does. OJT sucks when it comes to emergencies.

However, the US government is responsible for protecting it's people, and it is capable of mobilizing far more bodies with a broader range of skills than BP could hope to. Efforts that certainly could and should be charged back to BP once the crisis has passed. Finger pointing is great, and can even useful, and accurate. But when a disaster strikes, it's time to pull together and resolve the issues. Counting coup can come later.

I guess it annoys be because of the way the media plays things. In the aftermath of Katrina they were yelling and squawking about inadequate federal response. This go around, they are conspicuous in their silence, with far less federal activity in sight.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By Reclaimer77 on 6/21/2010 5:32:14 PM , Rating: 2
I guess it annoys be because of the way the media plays things. In the aftermath of Katrina they were yelling and squawking about inadequate federal response. This go around, they are conspicuous in their silence, with far less federal activity in sight.

Well of course. That's typical in how there is a double standard between media responses of Democrat and Republican presidential coverage.

I mean, this spill went thirty days before a single federal authority, much less the president, was on the scene. I don't care weather or not they could have "done something", that's unacceptable. Our tax money goes to agencies who, supposedly, are experts in this kind of thing or at least have jurisdiction.

This administration rather shake down BP in Congress and further demonize corporations, meanwhile oil is still leaking. Is BP really getting the full cooperation and support of the federal government on this?

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By knutjb on 6/21/2010 6:22:52 PM , Rating: 3
You forget the President is acting like his disaster response started and the beginning because the Coast Guard responded to the drilling rig's disastrous fire.

The question needs to be split the disaster response between the accident response and the clean up response. He will refuse to answer that one because it would clearly identify a failure.

I don't see the media getting past their political biases, let alone asking their hero such a question.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By bety on 6/21/2010 4:48:57 PM , Rating: 2
Make no mistkae, we are at WAR right now...or darn well should be; and we are getting out butts royally kicked. The repercussions are that devastating....

Obama's response has been....impotent, careless, lax, flaccid,'s been beyond words at this point. A few late showboating speeches....neither BP, nor smart citizens take him seriously at this point.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By Reclaimer77 on 6/21/2010 5:24:20 PM , Rating: 3
lol Jason, you are SO in the tank man.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By bill4 on 6/21/2010 8:47:26 PM , Rating: 2
Wow, Mick really let his true ultra-leftist Obama apologist ways be known here. Pathetic.

And the pics are from "Mother Jone", isn't that some shady ultra-left wing site?

I wouldn't be surprised at all if environmentalists killed all those animals and staged the pics themselves. I'm dead serious. We've seen the types of tactics left wingers like Mick use in the press to advance their agenda.

RE: Nice Yacht, Tony...
By hyvonen on 6/22/2010 1:54:29 AM , Rating: 3
Idiot. Jason pretty much stated the obvious in a sarcastic way, and he's absolutely right.

It's your anti-democrat, anti-Obama, anti-government (unless it's republican-dominated, of course) ass is just too blind to see both sides of the story.

Obama really wasn't the one deciding that safety regulations can be ignored. You're a dumbass thinking that this is in any way Obama's fault.

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