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512MB of RAM means that the iPhone 4 likely won't repeat the missteps of the iPad

When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 4 a few weeks ago, the company was happy to tout such features as its high-resolution Retina display, thinner body, FaceTime chat, 3-axis gyroscope, and increased battery life. However, Jobs left out some other important details that tech heads want to know like the clock speed of the A4 processor and the amount of RAM onboard.

Today, we have an answer to at least one of those questions. Mac Rumors is confirming that the iPhone 4 now has 512MB of RAM which is double what's included on the year-old iPhone 3GS and the recently introduced iPad. The increased RAM is likely to be welcome news for potential customers due to a problem that numerous iPad users have encountered with page caching issues in Mobile Safari due to the iPad's 1024x768 screen coupled with just 256MB of RAM.

John Gruber of DaringFireball fame described the issue shortly after the launch of the iPad:

There’s one severe problem in Safari for iPad, though: memory crapping out. MobileSafari for iPhone has always allowed you to open up to eight pages at a time. It tries to keep them all truly open, in RAM, so that you can quickly switch between them. But when it runs out of memory it starts flushing some of the pages. It doesn’t forget the URLs for those pages, and, in recent versions, it saves a static thumbnail image of the rendered page, but when you switch back to those purged pages, MobileSafari must reload the page...

The iPad also has 256 MB of RAM. But, in my use, iPad’s Safari isn’t able to keep nearly as many pages open as I can on my 3GS. In fact, sometimes it seems I can only have one, and every page I switch to gets completely reloaded. This is more than just annoying — it can lead to data loss if you have unsubmitted form data sitting in an “open” iPad Safari page.

With 512MB of RAM onboard and a slightly lower resolution than the iPad – 640x960 – the iPhone 4 hopefully won't have the same page caching issues and could possibly even provide better performance.

512MB of RAM puts the iPhone 4 on par with powerhouse Android phones like the HTC EVO 4G.

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Let's all get along
By Aloonatic on 6/18/2010 5:21:21 AM , Rating: 2
Personally, what I find amusing when reading these comments (by Apple fans and those who clearly don't like them) is that you are both right, to a certain degree. It is possible you guys.

Yes, Apple do make some mistakes with their products, that's pretty undeniable. However, they are not quite as drastic as many like to make out, but Apple sure do like to exploit those oversights and advertise them hard in the refresh that often includes them, which it would not have been hard for them to have added in the first place, which other companies invariably do. Let's not forget though, that Apple are often first to the mass consumer market with these devices, so come under a lot more scrutiny than others.

Yes, Apple do sell a lot of products, that is undeniable also. However, that they sell a lot of products odes not automatically make them faultless and beyond criticism.

Pretending that one means that the other is impossible is nonsense, as we can clearly see. Apple have done well of late, and are on a roll, riding the iWave nicely and what they have done to the market should not be overlooked. They drove the MP3 player market with the iPod, smart phones were no where near as common before the iPhone came along, and now many are saying that tablets will not catch on, even after Apple have sold a cr@p load of them, so they probably will.

However, other companies invariably have, and almost certainly will, come along and offer something better, for less but without the fashionable label, which is important to people.

I'll (probably) never buy and Apple product though as I too recognise that they are often over priced (for what I want, as the fashionable aspect is not an issue for me) and somewhat short on features/upgradability for the price, compared to what I am confident will in the pipeline. However, I also recognise what they have achieved and cannot fault anyone for buying their products if that's their thing, and they do not want to wait for the iWhatever killer. It's taken a while for the iPhone killer to come along after all.

It's all about value, and what one consumer values over another will vary. So be happy with you iWhatever if that's your thing, but don't pretend that it does not have any short comings and that you've probably paid well over the odds, or will over the long haul. By the same token, if you don't like Apple and always buy their alternatives, don't pretend that Apple have not done a great deal to drive the market and set the standard for the products that you have probably had to wait for, whilst Apple is marauding through the consumer space, with a little bit of envy. Be happy knowing that, yes, your device will be cheaper and probably technically better or more open, allowing you to add memory or do what you want with it more easily and leave it at that.

Let's all get along.

*not holding my breath*

RE: Let's all get along
By FaceMaster on 6/18/2010 5:29:25 AM , Rating: 2
Apple has always received flak relative to its success. Sure, people will try to justify it as inferior goods at a higher price, but that's exactly why Apple should be praised. They are true masters of business, capable of generating supernormal profits while selling sub-par machines. It's all too easy to simply join the hate crowd against Apple, but in years to come we'll look back and realise how snobby we are. I don't buy Apple products, but I accept that people out there want them. I wish I had come up with the company 'Apple', I'd be one rich mofo.

All of this hate towards Apple just stinks of jealousy, no matter how you people try to justify it.

Mod me down, it'll only inflate my ego further!

RE: Let's all get along
By Aloonatic on 6/18/2010 6:16:45 AM , Rating: 3
Apple don't hold a gun to anyone's head and make them buy their products, so well done them. (not being sarcastic there by the way, just to clarify)

The thing that many people here don't get is that other products may be technically better, and iTunes alternatives may be a lot better but... Apple got in first, and they provide enough to keep people happy and loyal. Apple users now know how to use iTunes and are satisfied with what they get, and they get it sooner than those who want an alternative, and Apple have done a great job marketing it.

I don't think that all the hate stinks of jealousy though, some is just frustration with Apple fans not being able to accept their chosen products short comings whilst often "showing off" their device. They don't do themselves any favours in how they behave either. Pretending that it's just jealously, or because you can't afford one etc, which might be true for a small percentage of people who don't buy Apple (The extreme Apple haters might be fuelled by it though) but by no means all. Some of us just don't like the way Apple do things and see no value in the benefits that they promote, and are somewhat tired of Apple fans waving their devices in our faces claiming that they are "magical" and whatever.

For every hater who is jealous because they can't afford and Apple device, there is a Apple owner who can't really afford their devices either, so when they buy one, they go out of their way to try to justify their purchase and make themselves feel better by droning on and on about it and how great it is.

The current Apple iPad adds showing in the UK now make me laugh out aloud. iPad is thin, iPad is beautiful... Oh, that's me, I want to be thin and beautiful, but I'm not, but maybe if I buy an iPad, people will think... Their marketing just works, on a lot of people, but not for me, and I guess that's how they want it as I am clearly not their target audience, so kudos.

RE: Let's all get along
By jimhsu on 6/23/2010 10:16:37 AM , Rating: 2
Apple is the master of satisfacting. (see ). Their marketing strategy hinges on them being "good enough" while being simple to use - "more versatile than ever", "faster than before", "Learn your way around a Mac in minutes". Notice neither price/performance (value) nor spec wars are emphasized - they are simply not interested in catering to maximizing customers (as most people on here are). They market solutions, not specs.

That's why they are successful, and most other PC makers are not.

"If they're going to pirate somebody, we want it to be us rather than somebody else." -- Microsoft Business Group President Jeff Raikes

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