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Model V20 Centrifuge
Dances With Oil!

The ongoing leak of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico has reached epic proportions and shows no signs of stopping. All attempts to stop the leak of crude oil into the Gulf have failed thus far leaving the only option for the time being to clean the oil from the waters of the Gulf as quickly as possible.

Actor Kevin Costner came forward not long ago with a machine that his company -- Ocean Therapy Solutions (OTS) - has developed with bold claims that the machine could clean up the massive and ever increasing oil spill floating in the Gulf. The machine is a high-tech centrifuge that is offered in several different sizes with the largest of the machines capable of cleaning crude oil from water at a rate of hundreds of gallons per minute. The centrifuge promises to leave the water 99% clean of crude oil.

BP is reaching for any lifeline to help stop the growing catastrophe and reportedly took one of the machines to test. The initial test failed due to dispersal agents added to the crude oil transforming it into a peanut butter consistency that the machines could not work with. OTS adjusted the machines to work with the thickened consistency and they now reportedly work as described.

BP COO Doug Suttles said, "We were confident the technology would work but we needed to test it at the extremes. We've done that and are excited by the results. We are very pleased with the results and today we have placed a significant order with OTS and will be working with them to rapidly manufacture and deploy 32 of their machines."

Costner says that over the last 15 years he has invested $20 million of his own money into the company to develop the centrifuge machines. Costner says that he was inspired to start the development of the machines after the Exxon Valdez hit a reef in Alaska in 1989 dumping 11 million gallons of crude into Prince William Sound. 
ABC News reports that depending on the water to oil ratio the centrifuge machines can extract as much as 2,000 barrels of oil per day from the gulf.

OTS CEO John Houghtaling said, "The machines are basically sophisticated centrifuge devices that can handle a huge volume of water and separate at unprecedented rates. They were developed from older centrifuge technology. Normal centrifuge machines are very slow and sensitive to different ratios of oil to water mixtures at intake."

Costner acknowledged that BP has ordered 32 of the oil separating machines. He also claims that that number of machines could mitigate much of the damage done in the waters of the gulf.

He said, "It's not too late … That oil's going to keep coming towards those people. That well has not stopped. So we have to be out at the source, sucking it up … I mean, we have to treat it a little bit like war. We mustered logistically everything we had to get the beaches of Normandy. We have to muster everything we can to keep it from hitting our beaches."

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RE: Kudos to Costner
By Hiawa23 on 6/17/2010 3:56:39 PM , Rating: 1
Come on, does it ever get old for some to always come back to blaming the Federal Govt for everything. Yeah, I guess the blame could go around to many, someone on Fox News the other night said the American people were partly to blame cause they like their big bad gas guzzling trucks. Kind of a stretch, but I guess everyone has an opinion. Are we ever going to get some energy plan in place & produce more of our own oil & rely less on countries that hate us but gladly take our money, or solve a number of many other problems this country faces that no one seems to have answers for. You say the Feds are taking over everything. Sounds more like someone's talking point that we see on tv on a nightly basis. Blame can be assigned after the hole is plugged, how do you fix this & prevent this from happening in the future.

RE: Kudos to Costner
By AEvangel on 6/17/2010 7:26:55 PM , Rating: 5
I can give you tons of sollutions....the only reason all those countries that we buy oil from hate us is cause we are over their in the first place, if the Govt would just leave and let the business's that own all those oil wells negitiate failry with the people living there then perhaps we would not have all this anger.

Also almost all the regulations that the Govt creates have only one real effect and that is to protect the status quo, whom either advocated the change or lobbied for it in the first place. Where I live there are tons of small Mom & Pop oil wells. This might lead you you think gas is cheaper here, but no I'm not able to buy inexpensive gas since it has to be sent three states away to a refinery where it is then refined then shipped back here or to other states where all that transportation is added back on as well as the additional pollution from transport.

The real idea here is a Govt which governs least governs best. Let the market and the people truly determine what they want with their dollars.

RE: Kudos to Costner
By Reclaimer77 on 6/17/2010 10:03:58 PM , Rating: 3
I can give you tons of sollutions....the only reason all those countries that we buy oil from hate us is cause we are over their in the first place

Are you serious? If you want to go there, OPEC are the ones selling them out. Last time I checked, we had NO power or decision making process in that organization.

And honestly, that whole " they are mad because we are there " line get's SO tired. Yeah we're so terrible for pumping trillions of dollars into those countries?? When we could be drilling domestically instead of buying from them.

If it wasn't for Western investment and influence, the Middle East would be even more of a camel humping brown turd than it is now. Get a clue.

RE: Kudos to Costner
By YashBudini on 6/17/2010 10:33:25 PM , Rating: 2
"If it wasn't for Western investment and influence, the Middle East would be even more of a camel humping brown turd than it is now. "

We liked it better before they could buy arms. And it was better.

"Game reviewers fought each other to write the most glowing coverage possible for the powerhouse Sony, MS systems. Reviewers flipped coins to see who would review the Nintendo Wii. The losers got stuck with the job." -- Andy Marken

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