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Sony hopes to cast a spell on gamers' wallets witha $430 PS3 "Move" pack. The motion control is available separately for $70 (plus $35 for the Eye camera).  (Source: Giant Bomb)

Sony will also be offering premium content to gamers for $49.99 a year via its new Playstation Plus service.  (Source: Giant Bomb)

Valve's Portal 2 also made a star appearance.  (Source: Giant Bomb)
Will gamers chomp on Sony's high prices?

Microsoft is offering Kinect for the Xbox 360 in November.  It is expected to be priced under $150, which means that with an Xbox 360 Arcade Edition (which dropped in price to $150) you will be likely to get a holiday motion bundle for under $300.  The Nintendo Wii is, of course, currently available for $199, with Wiimote and Wii Motion Plus.  

Sony is making a dangerous bet with its own motion gaming system that gamers are willing to pay more than Microsoft or Nintendo's prices to get what it feels is a superior experience.  At its E3 2010 keynote today, the company upset some in the audience by announcing that its Playstation 3 Motion Bundle would retail for $400.  Except, that's not all -- the bundle only includes the PS3 Eye Camera ($34.99, currently available) and Move Controller ($49.99) (it also comes with a sports game).  It does 
not include the PS3 Navigation controller, a necessary part of the "Move" experience.  Gamers will have to pick that up separately for $29.99.

Reaction to the high price point was instant.  Some in the crowd began booing and at least one person screamed "Too much!!" at the presenter.

Still Sony seems confident that customers will bite on the high-end offer.  Among the exclusive titles it showed off was Tiger Woods PGA Tour, which featured ultra-realistic golf motions.  If you're eager to become Tiger Woods and attempt some slick moves, Sony reminds us that it's all in the "flick of your wrists" and that power is very important as well.

Other "Move" titles include Time Crisis, Echochrome 2, Heavy Rain updates, Resident Evil 5, and Tron: Evolution.  Another key title is "Heros on the Move" which features familiar Sony-exclusive characters, including Ratchet, Jak, Bently, Clank, Sly Cooper.

Coke is teaming up with Sony to promote Move.

Besides Move, the other key announcement by Sony was a firmware update that allows 3D gaming with compatible TVs like its Bravia 3D TV lineup.  The update will be rolled to individual PS3's and from there it will be up to game vendors to update their titles to feature 3D.

Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Shaun White Skateboarding, Ghost Recon, Tron:Evolution, and NBA 2k11 all will get 3D-ified, as will Motorstorm, Wipeout HD.  Leading the charge will be Killzone 3, which will release in February 2011 and bring with it oodles of extra-dimension gore and carnage.

Sony says that by March 2011, twenty 3D-enable titles will be available for the 35 million PlayStation 3 consoles world.

Other huge titles announced include Twisted Metal, Portal 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Call of Duty:BO, DC Universe, SOCOM4: US Navy Team, Mafiaa II, The Fight: Lights Out, and Dead Space 2.

Also announced were LittleBigPlanet 2 and an upgraded Playstation Network service called Playstation "Plus" which delivers exclusive content.  Sony will be offering 3 months for free and then will charge $17.99 for 3 months, or $49.99 for a year.  Content through the service will not be downloadable, so if you quit, you'll lose access to it.

At the keynote, Sony also announced a number of PSP titles, many of them family friendly.  Announced titles included Tetris, Fat Princess, EyePetTron, Kingdom Hearts, Ace Combat, Toy Story, Ghosts of Sparta, Invzibles, 3rd birthday, P3P, Ys: The Oath, Valkyria II, and Piyotama.  Eyepet and Invzibles both make use of the PSP's camera.  It definitely seems that Sony is targeting more young gamers with the PSP.

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RE: wow Sony's slogen "we never learn"
By Quadrillity on 6/16/2010 3:38:37 PM , Rating: 2
You're telling someone not to bash the Move system because they haven't used it and yet you are praising because you've haven't either?

Yes. Who hasn't seen the live E3 demo yet? It's been out a year now right? I can base my opinions off of a live demo, wtf is so wrong with that?

Your last sentence I just really can't comprehend. You seriously expect consumers to pay a premium for gaming that is in itself subjective? Pray tell how you define "premium" gaming.

Quit being a smug jerk. I would consider one of the many definitions of "premium" equipment as being something the general population can't afford in their every day budget. The PS3 is in every right a premuim piece of electronic equipment. Give me one good example of how it COULDN'T be considered so...
Sometimes I fcking love customers like you, as a seller of course.

stfu fag.

By The0ne on 6/16/2010 5:39:18 PM , Rating: 2
I remember when prior to the PS3 release all these amazing demo's with astounding realistic graphics. None surfaced of course. I was highly impress by madden NFL back then.

Nothing wrong basing your entire opinions off a demo. Good luck with that in your arguments btw.

There are a great many things wrong with your "premium" price for gaming. These I wont' even bother to explain to you since you obviously have no clue.

1. If you consider "premium" as something the general population can't afford then fine. How do you justify general population, or more specifically in respect to your status?

2. If price dictates the use of "premium" then yes, the PS3 AND Xbox360 are indeed as you said (with respect to #1 above). If you are asking if the hardware is in itself premium, as in high quality, up-to-date, etc., than I say no.

Premium gaming costs premium money.

Yes indeed. Those poor general population opting for Wii, DS and PSP. What a shame they're so fcking poor to afford premium hardware and premium gameply. We all know merely from demo's that
quote: kicks the living s**t out of anything available in terms of accuracy and immersion.

Nintendo must be fill with idiots. If I were them, I change the color of the consoles so people would buy them again, thus it would be consider a premium as well....oh wait, that's being done. Hmmm.

No seriously, I fcking love consumers like you. You think paying a lot of money for a product justifies whatever excuse you may have created to support it. As a company selling products, this is heaven (see Apple). I dont' know whether to laugh or cry, but I'm definitely leaning on the laugh mood.

Here's a video to explain it to you, enjoy.

Don't cuss at me to win the discussion, you're better off using specifically made demos to do that. Since you and I have absolutely no clue what the hell we've talking about, demo's are the tell tale truth to all. You win!

“And I don't know why [Apple is] acting like it’s superior. I don't even get it. What are they trying to say?” -- Bill Gates on the Mac ads

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