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Yes, it finally has Wi-Fi

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly five years since the original Xbox 360 launched. The Xbox 360 hit the market a year ahead of the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 and continues to do quite well in the marketplace. Thanks to a relatively healthy stable library of exclusive games and the second-to-none Xbox Live gaming service, gamers keep coming back for more despite years of RROD issues.

Over the years, the Xbox 360 has gone through a number of hardware changes. Advances in manufacturing technologies for GPU and CPU have resulted in smaller, cooler running chips; and HDMI output has made its way to the console. Storage capacities have been bumped, new colors have been added, and special editions have announced.

However, the basic design of the console has remained the same -- until now. Today at E3, Microsoft unveiled a new look for the Xbox 360.

The new Xbox 360 is smaller, sleeker, quieter and comes with an integrated 250GB hard drive (removable) and five USB ports (two in the front, three in the back). And yes folks, it FINALLY has built-in Wi-Fi (802.11n). It will be priced at $299 and will be in stores later this week.

According to Engadget, the current Xbox 360 Elite will drop down to $249 while the Xbox 360 Arcade will fall to $149.

In other Xbox 360 news, Microsoft today officially announced the Kinect accessory which captures full body motion for immersive gaming.


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I Thought That
By room200 on 6/14/2010 7:24:40 PM , Rating: 2
as the machine shrunk, costs of making the machine decreased, etc. that prices were supposed to drop on the newer unit? Didn't that happen with the slim version of the Ps2?

RE: I Thought That
By Devo2007 on 6/14/2010 8:17:12 PM , Rating: 2
Considering you are getting built-in Wi-Fi + a 250GB hard drive for the price of the original Elite model, I'd say the price was effectively reduced. The Wi-Fi adapter on its own would add $100 to the price, and the hard drive boost would have added a reasonable amount too (given how much Microsoft gouges on hard drive pricing).

RE: I Thought That
By Taft12 on 6/15/2010 10:59:46 AM , Rating: 1
The price was not effectively reduced.

The Wi-fi and large HDD DO NOT add $99 and $129 to the value of this new unit unless you are a serious drinker of MS Kool-aid :(

RE: I Thought That
By Hiawa23 on 6/15/2010 9:42:09 AM , Rating: 2
as the machine shrunk, costs of making the machine decreased, etc. that prices were supposed to drop on the newer unit? Didn't that happen with the slim version of the Ps2?

Well this is not the PS2, & I am not sure if they added features into the PS2 box like MS did here. Honestly, it really doesn't matter what they did with PS2, either you are like many of us who think this is a good value given what the pieces cost separate or you don't. The price is set & for anyone who doesn't need this but looking for a 360, MS has cut $50 off of existing models, or just the $199 model making it $150. Good deal to me.

RE: I Thought That
By room200 on 6/15/2010 10:33:28 AM , Rating: 2
Calm down. I know what machine this is, and even when "new" features are added to machines the prices continue to drop. This machine is over 5 years old; it would be expected that there would be a lower cost given the fact that Microsoft now knows how to make the machine cheaper.

RE: I Thought That
By larson0699 on 6/16/2010 12:58:28 PM , Rating: 2
Xbox 360 was released at the end of '05 which makes it over four years old, but I'm splitting hairs.

Consider that the original model had a hard drive 12 times smaller and no WiFi, and that retailed for $100 more than this one. The new chassis is a byproduct of R&D, plus the integrated WiFi and larger HDD -- I'd call $300 fair, especially when it still costs about twice as much to build a PC to similar spec.

Or pick up an Arcade for $150 or buy used.

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