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Pres. Obama still wants to end the Constellation space program, which will cost NASA millions

As NASA prepares to wind down its manned shuttle mission, the U.S. space agency is telling contractors to prepare for a slowdown in manned moon research.  In addition to the anticipated job loss, ending the Constellation program will cost NASA millions in cancellation fees on top of the billions already invested in the project.

Over the past five years, NASA has racked up $10 billion in space research and development to try and take astronauts back to the moon.  The most recent budget includes a clause put in by Congress to ensure that President Obama is unable to end the Constellation program without approval.

If Constellation ends, NASA believes as many as two-thirds of the current 7,800 contractors involved in the project could end up unemployed.  It'll cost almost $1 billion to pay cancellation costs to Lockheed Martin, Alliant Techsystems, and other contractors currently working for NASA.

Neither company is expected to receive additional funds, but it's an issue that NASA needs to figure out.

"In a brief check with people more knowledgeable than me, NASA has never held contractors' liable for termination liability," said Dr. Scott Pace, former NASA associate administrator and Space Policy Institute Director.  “If this is to be the new agency policy and practice, then NASA should shift responsibility for termination liability on all of its current contracts, not simply Constellation.  “As it stands, this appears to be purposefully punitive against a specific set of NASA contractors.” 

Obama is expected to discuss the topic further with Congress and current space experts, but it's unknown what must be done for both sides to reach a working agreement.

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RE: 1969...
By Zingam on 6/14/2010 5:32:27 PM , Rating: 0
One B2 bomber costs 2 billion for what? And how many does the US army have? Compared to what you pay for lawyers, armament and other crap. The costs of space exploration are insignificant and they've brought so many advances to the science and technology. Even you are typing that bullshit thanks to some communication satellite.

RE: 1969...
By KC7SWH on 6/14/2010 5:47:29 PM , Rating: 2
According to Wiki (not that you can trust it) the AIR FORCE has 20 of the things. That's not a lot of planes to amortize all the R&D costs.

RE: 1969...
By hughlle on 6/14/10, Rating: -1
RE: 1969...
By knutjb on 6/14/2010 7:54:07 PM , Rating: 2
One B2 bomber costs 2 billion for what? And how many does the US army have?
Ummm.... you need to do more research on the topic before you show your ignorance, the Army does not have B-2 Bombers the Air Force does. The 2B cost is all of the R&D included and the R&D gets used in other projects too. If they would have produce the projected number they would have cost "only" $500M. BTW MILITARY spending brought you the ability, both technically and verbally, to do what you are doing, free speech...

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