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And they want the government to do something about it

Researchers at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University conducted a survey that shows three out of four Americans believe in global warming and want the government to establish laws to stop it.


The survey was funded by the National Science Foundation and administered in June 2010 by Woods Institute Senior Fellow Jon Krosnick, a professor of communication and political science at Stanford University. From June 1-7, 1,000 randomly selected American adults were chosen to participate in the survey via telephone interviews. 

According to the June 2010 survey, 74 percent of Americans think the Earth's temperature probably has been heating up over the last 100 years, and 75 percent think human activity is the reason why. 

"Several national surveys released during the last eight months have been interpreted as showing that fewer and fewer Americans believe that climate change is real, human-caused and threatening," said Krosnick. "But our new survey shows just the opposite."

While the number of people who believe in global warming has increased, Krosnick says there are people who do not trust climate scientists and they "base their conclusions on their personal observations of nature." According to Krosnick, 2008 was the coldest year since 2000 in terms of average Earth temperature, and these "low-trust individuals were especially aware of the recent decline in average world temperatures" and "they were the ones in our survey whose doubts about global warming have increased since 2007."

"Our surveys reveal a small decline in the proportion of people who believe global warming has been happening, from 84 percent in 2007 to 74 percent today," said Krosnick. "Statistical analysis of our data revealed that this decline is attributable to perceptions of recent weather changes by the minority of Americans who have been skeptical about climate scientists."

The survey also included questions concerning the "climategate" controversy, where thousands of e-mails and other documents were leaked from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit. Only nine percent of American's said they knew about this controversy and that it caused them to distrust climate scientists. Despite all the skeptics, there has been no decline in trust for environmental scientists.

Krosnick believes that the decline in proportion of people is likely temporary, and the skeptics will probably join the majority who think global warming is real if the Earth's temperature begins to rise again.

Out of those respondents who believe global warming exists, 86 percent want the government to "limit the amount of air pollution that businesses emit," 76 percent of respondents want government limitations on greenhouse gas emissions "generated by businesses" and 14 percent think the government should not take action at all unless other countries like China and India do so as well. Though, in the UK, Professor Seamus Garvey at the University of Nottingham has designed a plan to power the UK completely by renewable energy by 2030 through the use of off-shore energy farms.

Other survey results include four out of five participants wanting the government to offer tax breaks to encourage more fuel efficient vehicles, 84 percent want tax breaks for utilities that use more green methods for power generation, and 80 percent want more energy efficient appliances.

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RE: "Believe"
By mcnabney on 6/15/2010 9:58:29 AM , Rating: 1
The following are known facts that all scientists agree upon.

1. The recent decades have had a disproportionate number of record 'average' global surface and ocean temperatures.
2. Atmospheric CO2 has been steadily rising for decades. It is up about 50% (albeit from a very low percentage to begin with)
3. Ocean acidity has also been rising (CO2 disolves in water to form carbonic acid)
4. Since the industrial age began, humans have been digging up/drilling for sequestered pockets of hydrocarbons in mass quantities. CO2 is released when those fuels are burned/combusted.

Now the earth DOES have heating/cooling cycles. That can explain climate change all by itself. The elephant in the room is the two extra pieces of data - higher CO2 count and ocean acidification. Those pieces of data show that the system is out of balance. If that system being out of balance is causing the climate shifts then that leads directly to us since we have obviously been the source of the increased CO2.

I, personally, fall on the line that there is no way that the whole world - especially developing nations - are going to rapidly curtail usage. We might as well buckle-up and hope for the best. It will likely be an exciting ride and technically we are doing it to ourselves, but as humans beings we always fall on the side of Me-First. We do the same thing by charging up massive debt for our grandchildren to pay. A pathetic lot we are.

RE: "Believe"
By JediJeb on 6/15/2010 10:58:14 AM , Rating: 2
Now the earth DOES have heating/cooling cycles. That can explain climate change all by itself. The elephant in the room is the two extra pieces of data - higher CO2 count and ocean acidification. Those pieces of data show that the system is out of balance. If that system being out of balance is causing the climate shifts then that leads directly to us since we have obviously been the source of the increased CO2.

I have seen a few graphs that make me question this cause and relation. One was by a AGW advocate in a lecture where when you look closely at the graphs showing temperature rise and CO2 concentration rise versus time, they do both increase, but the sticking point is the temperature graph begins to rise several years before the CO2 levels begin to rise. His whole argument was that the slopes of the two graphs change together indicating a relationship, but he never explained how rising CO2 levels caused the temperatures to rise years before the CO2 rise began. To me that would suggest that rising temperatures is what is causing the rise in CO2 concentrations, not the other way around. Had this been a graph presented by an AGW skeptic I may have questioned it, but since it was a graph presented by an AGW advocate and yet it contradicted his claims I began to study it and have found other evidence of the same data.

Also being a chemist I know that as you heat water, gasses become less soluble in it, thus if temperatures rise then the concentration of the gasses dissolved in the water will rise in the air above it. There are far too many variables involved with climate to simply say we burn fossil fuels we raise the temperature of the planet. Plus a lot of the graphs I find when I search are temperature rise versus CO2 forcing, not CO2 concentration, which makes it harder to discover the truth.

All in all the thing to watch will be what the author eluded to when he said "if temperature begin to rise again will the skeptics then believe", what happens if temperatures fail to begin to rise again?

RE: "Believe"
By Lazarus Dark on 6/16/2010 10:13:38 PM , Rating: 2
Please note, I was not arguing about the validity of global warming research, I was talking about the article. The article seemed to indicate that because a certain portion of Americans "believe" in global warming, that should be a reason for legislation and such based on that belief. I was saying that Americans are stupid and the fact that a lot of people believe in global warming should not be reason in and of itself for legislation.

BUT, as far as what should be considered: facts, proof, evidence, scientific consensus...
The only scientists that I see claiming there is consensus are the ones on the side of global warming. Any research or scientist that says there is NOT a consensus, is simply a heretic. I've seen as much evidence on both sides, the only difference being that global warming data consistently seems to be eventually proven incorrect, flawed, or downright falsified if you wait long enough. I have yet to see any data from the non-warming side disproven (unless you count scientists who dismiss it without actually looking at it, because any evidence to the contrary of global warming is automatically wrong because global warming is "truth". I swear, its like a religion...)

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