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Foxconn may replace workers at its plants with robots. The plants which have been dubbed as "hellish" by the Chinese media, also are cutting their sucide payouts. They already don't pay for workers who die of exhaustion.  (Source: Telegraph UK)

Foxconn is blame news orginizations' reporting of the deaths for provoking more suicides, dismissing that poor working conditions are to blame.  (Source: Southern Weekly)
Company also blames news networks for the suicides

Foxconn seemed to be turning the corner in working conditions and corporate policy.  It had raised employees' base wages and instituted additional performance based increases, as well.  It even had retracted its contract letters to employees demanding they didn't kill themselves.  Now the manufacturer -- which services Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and a host of other companies -- is turning to some controversial new changes.

First of all, at its annual shareholder meeting yesterday, Terry Gou, CEO of Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Industry (owners of the Chinese Foxconn unit) blamed news agencies and company payouts for the rash of suicides.  He first read a letter from one of the employees who killed himself, which stated: I'm going to jump off Foxconn, really leaving now, but you don't have to be sad, because Foxconn will pay a bit of money, this is all your son can repay you now.
He also stated that 6 of the 12 suicides, which occurred in May after the story received international attention, may have triggered a "Werther Effect" -- people reading about the story and deciding to kill themselves.  As a result, Gou is handing control over "welfare management work" to the Chinese local government, which may chose to block internet coverage for the events.

He also announced that Foxconn will no longer pay the families of employees who kill themselves.  Recently a worker died, apparently from exhaustion from working long hours and Foxconn refused to pay his family, as well.  The new policy, though, ends suicide payouts that could total as much as 10 years worth of salary.

Foxconn has also started to flee China, where it currently employs over 800,000 people.  In the shareholders meeting it said that the rise in wages from ¥900 ($132) to ¥1,200 ($176), and for top performers up to ¥2,000 ($293), is compelling it to move to countries with cheaper labor or seek alternative options. 

It says that it may replace employees with robots, building a fully automated assembly line in Taiwan.  This suggestion is somewhat ironic, given recent Foxconn factory workers' complaints that they felt like "robots" when performing their duties. 

Chairman Samuel Chen says that the company may also shift employees and orders to its Vietnam plant, where labor is cheaper.  Chen says that Foxconn is working with the companies that contract it to make these moves as smooth as possible.

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RE: Just low....
By crleap on 6/9/2010 12:56:00 PM , Rating: 2
Wow. Best response I've ever had. Explain to me again why it's MY problem that people take and keep jobs they hate? Why is it MY problem the Chinese gov't doesn't value worker health and happiness? What can I do about it? Nothing, really. It's their system and they are the only ones who can fix it.

How would you feel if one of the Islamic countries started using their oil money to pressure our government to act a certain way toward american citizens? Oh, wait, they do, and I'm sure you're not happy about that either.

Instead of calling ME the idiot, why don't you just take to heart that there is only one way to change government and its treatment, lack of protection, or oppression of its citizens. Here it is... the PEOPLE of that COUNTRY must get FED UP enough to CHANGE it. Until the breaking point is reached, it will be business as usual. And there's nothing I can do about it here in Indiana. It really is up to them.

RE: Just low....
By YashBudini on 6/10/2010 12:36:31 AM , Rating: 2
"Explain to me again why it's MY problem that people take and keep jobs they hate?"

The fact you asked that question.

RE: Just low....
By Klinky1984 on 6/10/2010 8:17:43 AM , Rating: 2
You're lucky you're not there because you weren't born in China. Billions of people don't have or barely have enough food to eat or water to drink & it's not because of shortages. You could very well have been born in a rural village in china or a war-torn country in Africa. A lot of the luxury you enjoy in life depends greatly on who your parents are. There isn't anything you can do about being born where you were born, but I think it's important to show some empathy for those who may not have as great an opportunity as you do rather than shrugging it off and going "sucks for them".

Admittedly being born in the USofA doesn't guarantee a life of luxury and really no where does, a lot rests on the individual. But people born into a repressive society run by corrupt communists, theocratic or crazy dictators really don't have a lot of options, they can't even leave their own country in some cases.

RE: Just low....
By BansheeX on 6/10/2010 4:57:58 PM , Rating: 2
Enough with the guilt trip. If you're so genuine in your concern, why don't you donate all of your extraneous belongings? No movies, no games, no books, no computer, no television, no cell phone, no extra pairs of clothes. Face facts man, if someone is being wronged, it's their responsibility to rise up. And if you want my opinion, it's not voluntarily contract agreements they should be pissed off about, it's involuntary currency devaluation. Chinese wages would be worth a lot more if China didn't soak up our inflation. They lend us money to buy their products in exchange for a never ending stream of IOU interest. Dollars do not have value unless they are eventually exchanged for goods. They are artificially suppressing their purchasing power to enhance ours. Is it stupidity or do our bankers control their politicians? Who freaking knows? But if they were to stop doing that, their production would suddenly be consumed from within instead of shipped here and we would be completely screwed for two decades at least.

RE: Just low....
By Klinky1984 on 6/11/2010 11:44:02 AM , Rating: 2
There is nothing that dictates any of those items need to be made by essentially child/slave labor. It is easy for you to say what you say because you're in a country that does not repress your freedom of speech or assembly.

Here is what happens to people who speak up:

There will need to be a re-balancing of power and monetary wealth. Sustainability & a less profit driven world would be worthwhile ventures. The world is not a play thing for the top 10%.

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