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Think of the children: Marlene Perrotte are taking up the good fight against video games where Jack Thompson left off. She and other parents in Albuquerque are fighting an educational math videogame which they claim is making children victims of "addiction" and exposing them to "violent" content like jetpacks.  (Source: KOAT-TV)
"What they recall is not the prime number ... but rather getting through to the enemy" -- concerned parent

Video games have their perpetual enemies -- poor adaptation, perverts, and slipping release deadlines.  However, perhaps the most insidious foe of video games is the perennial cry to ban games because they are too "violent", too "addictive", or feature too many "adult themes."

Albuquerque, New Mexico fell victim to this familiar foe when it tried to educate children using a mathematics-themed video game.  The local schools received a Department of Defense grant to deploy Tabula Digital's DimensionM to local schools, to help bump up children's math test scores.

Tabula Digital describes the game as having "all the action and adventure of commercial-quality video games while practicing and reinforcing the skills they need to succeed in math."  One middle school teacher called it "a 21st century flash card... They can use jetpacks and at the same time they have to know what the associative property is."

Not all local parents are as impressed, though.  Some are leading a crusade to see the game banned.  KOAT-TV, a local TV station, has been covering the bizarre protests.  One parent, Marlene Perrotte, comments, "We are feeding the addiction of these children to video games.  They were all excited, and they were excited because of the violence -'I'm getting ahead, I'm getting ahead, I'm getting ahead.'"

In a furor that would make even Jack Thompson proud, she raves, "What they recall is not the prime number ... but rather getting through to the enemy!"

Thus far, Albuquerque schools have no plans to drop the educational title amid the apparent outrage of a handful of parents.  DimensionM will continue to keep kids addicted -- to learning mathematics.  And that might just be a pretty great thing, considering math competency worldwide has been slipping.

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RE: Meh
By Talcite on 6/8/2010 3:30:32 PM , Rating: 5
How about teachers teach?

Why is there an inherent assumption that using video games is not a valid form of teaching?

I think it's great that these teachers are using alternative methods to teaching the subject material. It can show that they're putting effort into the process, which is incredibly motivating for the students.

RE: Meh
By chagrinnin on 6/8/2010 5:47:36 PM , Rating: 3
I remember when the motivators were made in wood shop. :P

RE: Meh
By NA1NSXR on 6/8/10, Rating: -1
RE: Meh
By TSS on 6/9/2010 9:34:37 AM , Rating: 2
That assumption is hidden in the assumption that, if these kids wheren't playing that game, they would actually study.

If you want to teach them problem solving, give the kids acces to WoW and make em raid once a week. Or organise a shooter tournament of your choosing where they compete against eachother. Then write an essay on tactics once a month.

But no god forbid they get excited about anything. From the dawn of man kids have always come home and sit quietly on the couch or study all day long, and that's how it'll damn well be in the future!

RE: Meh
By Donkeyshins on 6/9/2010 11:22:53 AM , Rating: 4
Perhaps the better question is, "Why don't these parents get off their collective asses and parent?" Teaching kids is not just the job of schoolteachers - it's also the responsibility of parents.

RE: Meh
By rburnham on 6/10/2010 1:27:04 PM , Rating: 2
Education was highly valued in my family growing up, and that was with both parents living in different places. We had to sit down, open the books and just do the work. No gimmicks. When it was all done, then we could play.

RE: Meh
By Wolfpup on 6/9/2010 12:41:55 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, that game looked like it's probably a solid teaching tool. I mean hard to say without seeing more, but I played stuff like that in the '80s. Nothing wrong with that.

And what the HELL is wrong with that crazy woman? There's not even any violence at all in that, that they showed. Flying around and doing math problems is...bad? For some reason?

RE: Meh
By inperfectdarkness on 6/10/2010 6:32:02 AM , Rating: 2
100% agree.

i played word munchers & where in the USA is carmen sandiego when i was in school.

why are people suddenly pitching a fit and asking to go back to the dark ages?

"Vista runs on Atom ... It's just no one uses it". -- Intel CEO Paul Otellini

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