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A new study indicates Apple is greatly beating Google in market share, and has richer, more loyal users to boot.  (Source: Apple)

The smart phone market, according to Nielsen (U.S. only); Apple is grey, Android is green  (Source: Nielsen)
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." -- Charles Wentworth Dilke

Market researchers toil away tirelessly compiling statistics, but often offer confusingly contradictory figures.  Such discrepancies were on display with a new study from Nielsen that offers a very favorable perspective on Apple's market position.

A previous study from NPD showed Google's Android OS beating the iPhone 28 percent to 21 percent in Q1 2010 unit sales.  Apple disputed those numbers.  A second study from 
Gartner also showed Android closing the gap with 9.6 percent of the global smartphone market, versus Apple's 15.4 percent.

Nielsen's report paints a far different picture.  It claims Apple has three times the market share of Google's smartphone operating system -- with 28 percent of the market versus 9 percent from Android.  The Nielsen study claims to report 
national smartphone numbers -- so U.S. only.  That's about the only possible explanation for the big discrepancy between it's claim of the smartphone ratio (3:1 in Apple's favor) versus Gartner's (3:2).

Nielsen also reports that Android is struggling with a familiar problem that faces many of Apple's foes -- the blind, unquestioning loyalty of its fans.  Despite hot Android handsets, perennial issues like Flash blocking, and Jobs's policing of "immoral" content (like pornography), 80 percent of iPhone users plan on buying another iPhone (only 7 percent plan to switch to Android).  That compares favorably to Android, which has only 70 percent of customers wanting to stay aboard and 14 percent looking to jump ship to Apple.

The report also indicates that Apple users on average are richer than Android users.  Approximately 40 percent of iPhone users make over $100,000 USD, while only 28 percent of Android users make that much.  Likewise, 36 percent of Android users make 
under $50,000 USD, while only 18 percent of iPhone users make that little.

Other than some interesting analysis about Apple and Google's current position, the new Nielsen study also offers insight into the growth of the smartphone market as a whole.  The study says that in three quarters -- from Q2 2009 to Q1 2010 -- the smartphone market grew from 16 percent of the total (national) phone market to 23 percent of the market.

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Not that complicated
By peekay123 on 6/7/2010 8:19:00 AM , Rating: 5
I am not convinced that existing iPhone users are SO loyal. Perhaps the investment they made on so many extra apps for their iPhones is what keeps them "loyal". It is certainly something that comes to my mind as I look for a tablet. Please, please, please someone put out a good froyo tablet!

RE: Not that complicated
By zmatt on 6/7/2010 8:33:35 AM , Rating: 2
If they are anything like iPod users, and you know that overlaps, Then they are very loyal. Blame partly on wanting to be cool, ignorance, and all of the good alternatives being underground, but it's hard to get iPod users off the kool-aide. I argued with a friend of mine over the merits of his iPod compared to my Sansa Fuze and samsung p3. He fell back on the last resort most people take in such situations, "it does what I need it to do" Which to me is an admittance of defeat but an assertion of stubbornness at the same time.

RE: Not that complicated
By themaster08 on 6/7/2010 8:40:22 AM , Rating: 2
Ignorance is bliss to some people. Stick with what you know, because it requires the least amount of effort possible.

RE: Not that complicated
By sviola on 6/7/2010 2:26:43 PM , Rating: 2
Well, I'm no fan of Apple (by the contrary, I've never bought anything from them, tough I have used them), but I don't see anything wrong about your friend being happy with his Ipod. Afterall, it serves him right and people don't need to change their gadgets just because some company just released a cooler/better one or their friends have a grudge against a company.

RE: Not that complicated
By celticbrewer on 6/7/2010 8:50:29 AM , Rating: 2
Perhaps the investment they made on so many extra apps for their iPhones is what keeps them "loyal".

I'm not so sure about that. Considering I have dozens of apps with the same functionality as all of the popular iphone apps, and I didn't have to pay anything for any of them.

RE: Not that complicated
By Jeffk464 on 6/7/2010 12:08:54 PM , Rating: 3
Another thing that pisses me off about apple. All of the plugs and what not are proprietary. Its much better for the consumer where manufacturers all use a standard like micro usb.

RE: Not that complicated
By corduroygt on 6/7/2010 12:54:44 PM , Rating: 1
The iphone has a standard 3.5mm jack and it comes with an USB cable as standard. If you want more USB cables, they're $1-$2 on ebay, what more do you want?

RE: Not that complicated
By jimbojimbo on 6/7/2010 5:33:46 PM , Rating: 2
what more do you want?
I want to be able to use the 3-4 cables I already have. You know, the standard micro-usb connection that everything uses? Although I do admit some phones are using the newer USB port these days but it's becoming a standard across phone developers - all except Apple that is.

I can bring just one cable for my Garmin watch, Blackberry, digital camera, USB drive, and Sansa MP3 player.

RE: Not that complicated
By kmmatney on 6/7/2010 10:24:16 AM , Rating: 2
I'm sure there are a lot of iPhone users like me, who are provided it by work, and must use an AT&T phone, and get an iPhone for free. The iPhone has very good exchange integration - and I don't see myself switching to another phone (I have another year left)

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