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Exploit attacks Flash Player 9 and 10 as well as Reader/Acrobat 9.x

Steve Jobs has been on a crusade against Adobe Flash for quite sometime citing issues with performance, stability, and security. Today, Adobe is fueling Jobs' concerns and likely giving the Apple CEO fodder for his WWDC keynote which is coming up on Monday.

According to Adobe, there is a critical vulnerability in versions of Flash Player (Windows, OS X, Linux, Solaris) and Reader/Acrobat 9.x (Windows, OS X, UNIX). The exploit allow a hacker to gain control over an affected system.

Even more troubling is that Adobe says that it currently doesn't have a fix and "there are reports that this vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild."

Adobe says that the following versions of its products are affected:

  • Adobe Flash Player, 9.0.262, and earlier 10.0.x and 9.0.x versions
  • Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.3.2 and earlier 9.x versions

It should be noted however, that the current Release Candidate version of Flash Player 10.1 "does not appear to be vulnerable" to this exploit and Adobe Reader/Acrobat 8.x are also safe.

You can view Adobe's full advisory on the exploit here which also details steps to minimize the impact of the exploit with Reader/Acrobat 9.x.

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definition of news
By Murloc on 6/6/2010 4:23:22 AM , Rating: 3
news: reporting of something that happened.
of course, there can be some analysis.

pure speculation about inimportant stuff is stupid though.
This news is centered more about steve jobs than the vulnerability.

You can write that steve jobs will use this for his war, but it's one line, and you don't put it on the title.

RE: definition of news
By gralex on 6/6/10, Rating: 0
RE: definition of news
By kmmatney on 6/6/2010 10:25:28 PM , Rating: 2
It doesn't change the fact that all the Jobs crap is pure speculation. We have a problem with Adobe flash that:

1)allows control over the computer, and there is no known fix!
2) Is already out in the wild
3) There is no known fix (yet)

I think that is what is important here. The crap about what Steve Jobs might say was put there just to get clicks.

RE: definition of news
By chagrinnin on 6/6/2010 6:12:38 PM , Rating: 2
You used the word "inimportant" uncorrectly.

RE: definition of news
By afkrotch on 6/7/2010 10:22:26 PM , Rating: 2
inimportant is less important than unimportant.


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