Panasonic's 103-inch Plasma compared to a 50-inch Plasma and a lady in a red dress
Panasonic will hold the title of 'World's Largest Plasma', for now

In a move to 1-up itself in the plasma display market Panasonic showcased its 103-inch plasma TV at the New York Stock Exchange yesterday for its Closing Bell. At 103 inches Panasonic's product will be seen as the world's largest plasma display, for now.

According to the press release Panasonic had to take measures to ensure the same reliability and quality in the 103-inch plasma as is in smaller screens because of the size. The screen is 7.5 x 4.2 feet with the standard 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1920x1080 (2.07 million pixels) resolution which will run at 1080p as we all would feel it to be necessary in all new high-end products from now on. The distance between the centers of adjacent pixels, or the pixel pitch, is assumed to be about 3.8mm, though noted in the press release as 3.8'.

Panasonic currently offers a wide range of televisions from LCDs to DLPs to Plasma screens which start at 37-inch and currently go up to 65-inches. The 103-inch panel will expand the range of screen sizes for those enthusiasts who want it all.

There has not been any word on pricing yet however Panasonic did hint at a December 2006 launch in its press release. However, this date is tentative so don't hold your breath or your money in your hand, for that matter. This plasma definitely will not come cheap as we saw LG's 71-inch plasma earlier this month announced and priced at about $28,000, with an actual price almost as much as $45,000 to $70,000 at some retailers.

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