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June 6, 2006 didn't fit AMD's schedule

We just got official confirmation from motherboard and chipset manufacturers in Taiwan -- AMD has moved the official launch date of Athlon 64 DDR2 up two weeks to May 23, 2006. AMD roadmaps have previously put the AM2 launch at June 6, 2006 (during Computex 2006), but since motherboards and CPUs are already completed, the launch will be pushed up. AMD insiders tell us Conroe's launch date was also a factor in pushing the AM2 launch date up, though even we do not know the exact date Intel's Conroe will launch.

AMD's latest advisories claimed the following:
  • May 16, 2006: Global announcement of Energy Efficient Processor roadmap and pricing
  • May 23, 2006: Global announcement of Socket AM2 and new desktop product availability and pricing
  • May 31, 2006: Global announcement of AMD LIVE! desktop system availability

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By Rampage on 4/22/2006 3:20:54 PM , Rating: 2
LOL@ Conroe.

We'll be seeing the same thing that happened with Northwood. Gains, but nothing out of this world. Just a minor performance lead like NWood vs AXP.

Stay faithful Intel fans ;) You are going to continue to need it!

RE: LOL@Conroe
By josmala on 4/27/2006 4:23:42 PM , Rating: 2
What makes conroe revolutionary its SSE.
5 SSE incstructions per cycle and 4 instructions decode is nothing to sneeze upon, when K8 can do 1.5 SSE operation per cycle. And decode 3.

Conroe is huge improvement over current situation for Intel.

The situation right now is that AMD beats intel hands down, for 6 months after conroe K8L comes and we don't know how much that helps amd.

Now. I'm interested in conroe, my current and previous PC had AMD processors for obvious reasons but conroe probably changes situation for my next pc.

RE: LOL@Conroe
By saratoga on 4/28/2006 12:51:46 AM , Rating: 2
I don't believe it can do 5 per cycle. And even if it could, theres not enough bandwidth to sustain that since the cache is only 256 bits wide. I think the real issue limit is something like 2 or 3 per clock even if the FUs can handle more, but I don't really remember.

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