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They may consider games like Nintendo Wii and Dance Dance Revolution for physical training purposes

The Navy has frequently been seen in the headlines  for advancements made from using hardware technology to get its aircraft and fighting vehicles into shape; it may now turn to software technology to get its newest recruits in motion and out onto the playing field.

Navy officials are weighing in on using interactive video games like the Nintendo Wii and
Dance Dance Revolution to help new enlistees build up endurance and get past boot camp.   There is a growing concern that those who are currently enlisting require more work to get into shape than was needed with past recruits.  Officials are attributing it to a more sedentary lifestyle.

Recent studies indicate that the Wii has little effect on family fitness, but that has not stopped the Navy from heavily considering the possibility of using interactive games in the training of its recruits.   According to the
Navy Times, Navy Surgeon General Vice Adm. Adam Robinson believes that most young people prefer computers and video games to sports and other physical activities.  Using interactive video games, in conjunction with traditional training could help new recruits when it comes to endurance, Robinson said.

"There are lots of programs now that people can [use to] become very physically active while they’re using interactive computer games," said Robinson. "So, in other words, this isn’t about [starting] with computers and stopping [everything else] — because we’re not going to do that. This is about incorporating those types of activities into something that people can use to become more physically active."

Robinson added  that there has been an issue in terms of physical fitness.  More new recruits are injured in basic training because they are not used to the amount of standing and running that is required and they have found that women in boot camp suffer more bone injuries than in the past, Robinson said.

"There have been more fractures and femur fractures and long-bone fractures in some of our young female recruits, and that’s related to the amount of activity and a sedentary lifestyle that they’ve had before they’ve entered the service and then the uptick in physical activity after they’re in the service."

The plan is still in the early stages and there is no timeline set for video game use in basic training.

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By HostileEffect on 5/28/2010 9:15:01 AM , Rating: 2
People who really want a military career or are driven are likely to find a way to get get a basic balance of endurance, basic strength, speed, and power to weight ratio, help or no help. Showing up for group PT while in DEP will help a lot, if you can attend.

Couch potoato who can't yet do pushups or pullups, it will take a few weeks to get the strength to do them, then about 1-3 years to get very fit. Pushups build strength to help with pullups, running conditions the lungs and swimming is easier to re-learn when you adapt after a few days.

I can go on and on but calisthenics, a warmup, and never stop trying to be better, is all you need to get "whipped into shape". It just takes a lot of time. O yeah run to.

So the point of my post... don't waste money on elaborate programs or games when the basics will always work.

RE: stop
By HostileEffect on 5/28/2010 9:36:23 AM , Rating: 2
Maybe treadmills and bikes with TV screens where you either watch TV or race based on how fast you are moving, complete with handlebars. Might be good to keep a beginner's mind busy but its not a long term substitute for outdoor running or swimming.

My apologies for the double post.

RE: stop
By Schrag4 on 5/28/2010 12:18:34 PM , Rating: 2
...and swimming is easier to re-learn...

People can forget how to swim? This is an honest question. I can't bring myself to believe it. Does anyone know someone (yourself included) who has ever admitted to swimming a lot as a kid but not knowing how to do it now?

RE: stop
By HostileEffect on 5/28/2010 8:41:01 PM , Rating: 2
The knowledge is still there, you don't forget it. What I mean is that after about ten or more years of being out of competition swimming, as well as maybe bobbing in a pool once a year, it takes a few days to relearn the coordination, not the strokes.

If you built up your lung endurance with running, the CR system is already fit and the adaptation to swimming endurance will be a lot easier and faster. Adapting to a different method of working the same systems is a lot easier than building the endurance from scratch. This is my experience.

Its like training with deadlifts but trying RDLs. you get to start at a higher weight and progress faster because you are already strong.

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