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Apple PR addresses Foxconn suicides

Apple has had a rough month. The company's next generation iPhone was leaked way ahead of schedule, spoiling the party for the smartphone's official early June announcement. Apple is notoriously secretive and protective of its unreleased products, so the early scoop understandably ruffled Steve Jobs' feathers to say the least.

And on a much more human level, Apple has been the topic of discussion with regards to the Foxconn suicides which seem to be happening quite frequently. Foxconn manufacturers the iMac, iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad for Apple. Nine workers have committed suicide in the past year (four in the past month) at Foxconn's Shenzen plant -- two others attempted suicide, but lived.

Apple has now issued a statement regarding the suicides to Bloomberg:

We’re in direct contact with Foxconn senior management and we believe they are taking this matter very seriously. A team from Apple is independently evaluating the steps they are taking to address these tragic events and we will continue our ongoing inspections of the facilities where our products are made. [Apple is] saddened and upset by the recent suicides at Foxconn.

HP, which also has some of its products manufactured at the Shenzen factory, added that it is investigating “the Foxconn practices that may be associated with these tragic events.”

An undercover reporter detailed the long working days, immense pressure put on employees to increase productivity, and how some workers drop tools on the floor just to get a few moments of rest without having to stand on their feet.

Foxconn CEO Guo Tai-ming maintains that his company doesn't run sweatshops, but he did concede that "it is difficult for us to handle such a huge production team."

The spotlight on Foxconn has now made it the target of hackers. Hackers recently defaced he company's human relations site with the following according to Shanghaiist:

Foxconn -- We're Hiring

Are you feeling down today? Do you feel like not living anymore? Do you want to know what it feels like to jump down from China's model suicide jumping facility? Foxconn provides you the perfect environment to jump. All the many reasons to jump here have ensured at least one jump per week. Comprehensive press coverage guaranteed to ensure your name travels ten thousand miles. What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone now and join Foxconn.

Be the kickass twelfth jumper. You can do it.

Hiring hotline: 514514514

By: Xiaokai

This isn't the first time that an Apple manufacturing partner has come under fire. Recently it was reported that Wintek was being sued for poisoning 44 employees with n-hexane. N-hexane is used at the assembly plant to clean the screens of iPhones, but is extremely hazardous to humans after prolonged exposure.

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RE: yawn
By MrBlastman on 5/26/2010 8:34:11 AM , Rating: 1
Jobs isn't saddened by the suicides, he's secretly happy inside.

*dreamy music plays*

"Yes, yes... my precious!," said a man huddled in a corner with his hands outstretched fingering each other in a wicked way, lightly fonding an object between them. He looked visibly agitated, almost in an excited way. Sweat dripped from his brow as he continued his incantations, "They work so hard, hard they work indeed!"

He rambled on for some time until there was a loud knock knock knock at the door. The man in the corner turned to his side and pressed his intercom buzzer, obviously irritated at the interruption, "What is it Fran! Who is at my door!"

A woman with a thick New Jersey accent rang through the small, wood-grained box on his neat, empty but shiny desk "Rob from Operations, sir, he needs to tawlk with you." Not a speck of dust was to be seen on it, nary a scratch. It was a mauve trimmed-nouveau creation with quite a bit of glossy white and aluminum to boot. The man obviously took pride in his throne as it smelled distinctly like a fresh coat of bleach had been applied to it.

The man in the corner trembled slightly, clenching his fist momentarily and looked up in the air, his eyes rolling side to side behind his glasses almost in an uncontrollable manner. Despite his disheveled manner, he thought pensively for this brief period of time before replying quietly-but firmly, "Fine, send... him innnn."

The door creaked slowly as it swung open with trepidation. The man in the corner twitched as he heard the abominable creak, obviously perturbed with the imperfection, "I will have to have a "chat" with the maintenance man, mental note."

It took a few seconds for the door to finish opening and as it did, clearly two hands could be seen grabbing hold of its edge and a pair of eyes peeked around it topped with a scalp of jet-black, slicked hair. "Mis... Mister Jobs, I have a report from, well, err, our factory at... Fox-Conn, sir."

Jobs, the man in the corner, stopped shaking momentarily and his eyes perked up for a second. He adjusted his glasses as he peered out the window behind his desk before spinning around quickly in his chair. His arms stretched out to either side of him in a rather assertive manner, resting on his desk in clenched fists. "Our productivity is up, yes?" Jobs replied creepily.

"Well, yes... yes sir, it is, it is way up sir," Rob said, pausing before continuing, "but--"

"But... what, Robbles?" Jobs cut him short, his fists clenching tighter, sweat beginning to trickle faster from his pores.

"Ou-our pproductivity is up sir, but, our employees, they-they are d-down, sir," Rob stammered.

Jobs clenched his fist tighter, "What do you mean, down?"

"Down as in... jumping off the roof, ssir."

Jobs tightened his grip, now pulverizing the sweat between his fingers so hard that it began to squeeze, no, squirt from the cracks between his fingers. Drool began to form and trickle down the sides of his mouth with a bit of foam puffing out at the sides of his mouth. His face turned red and his head began to swell up and the tremors returned to his body as a whole.

Jobs stared at Robbles with eyes like jackhammers, pulsating as his heart beat faster and faster, his glasses beginning to fog up from the rage within, "Rob..."

"Yessum, sir?"

"Rob... you-you tell Guo that his Employees need to... try HARDER. When they jump off the roof, I want to hear reports of a cement crysis in China! I want to hear of a shortage of raw concrete and I want to be able to pull up my satellite photos and see those cracks as if they are bigger than the GREAT WALL OF CHINA! Are you listening, Rob?"

Rob murmured something under his breath as he cowled before Jobs in a grovelling fashion, "We can't control Gravity, sir," He wanted to say, but stopped far short of letting it leave his mind knowing the penalty for such conniption and instead, submissively whimpered in acknowledgement.

"I want them pouring off the rooftops. I want the skin on their fingers falling off their bones. I want their eyeballs dissolving out of their sockets. I want their feet rubbed so raw that the cats in the factory are chewing on their toejams. I WANT MORE IPADS AND I DEMAND IT!" Jobs proudly proclaimed in a menacing manner, his right lens of his glasses cracking in the outburst of energy. "I want to see people in America choking on my ipods and ipads, I want to see their ears bleeding from the music they buy from the i-tunes store and I want to see their pants on fire everytime they look at porn!" He continued, "I want to see them smiling, smiling in subservience to the brand!"

Jobs stopped his rant as suddenly as it began, grabbing an Apple out of his drawer, taking a bite out of it in one daft motion and tossed it right at Rob's head. He looked at Robbles coyly with a sinister smile after he ducked and then buzzed his secretary. "Fran, send Tom the Maintenance guy in here."

Within moments the door burst open and a man scampered up to Jobs' desk. "Yessum, sir?"

Jobs pointed to his door, "There's a squeak in it, didn't I tell you there are no squeaks allowed?" The man shook his head in agreement as it sunk down below his collar. Jobs pointed to his window-"OUT!" The man looked confused, but walked towards it. Jobs waited patiently until he got close enough, got up and walked over and kicked him through the window.

"Robbles, got the message?" "If so much as a squeak escapes these doors..."

And so, we go by another day with another story from Steve. Who knows what next he might say, or, wants us to believe...

RE: yawn
By frobizzle on 5/26/2010 8:47:08 AM , Rating: 5
He rambled on for some time

Sounds like he wasn't the only one rambling on!

RE: yawn
By GaryJohnson on 5/26/2010 9:18:04 AM , Rating: 3
Can we get the comment length limit on DT shortened up a bit?

RE: yawn
By Smilin on 5/26/2010 10:07:36 AM , Rating: 5
Holy crap the lights dimmed here when I expanded that guys thread.

RE: yawn
By zonkie on 5/26/2010 2:07:11 PM , Rating: 2
If your product isn't to die for, you blew it!

RE: yawn
By leuNam on 5/26/2010 11:21:59 AM , Rating: 2
haha...but cmon', sadly in China life is like that.

"Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn." -- Seagate CEO Bill Watkins

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