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J. Allard in costume after losing a bet in which he said that the Sony PSP wouldn't pass 10 million units sold  (Source: Zune Online)

Robbie Bach
J. Allard leaving Microsoft after 19 years on the job

We reported earlier today that some shakeups were on the way from Microsoft with regards to its Entertainment & Devices Division. It had already been widely speculated that J. Allard, chief experience officer and chief technology officer, was leaving. It was also reported that Robbie Bach could also be shown the door.

TechFlash now reports that both Allard and Bach are leaving Microsoft. According to TechFlash's Todd Bishop, the departure of Allard and Bach will give CEO Steve Ballmer more direct control over Microsoft's struggling sectors (namely its Zune and Windows Mobile units).

Although there has been speculation that Allard might jump ship to Google and work on that company's tablet efforts, he refuted those claims and said that he wants to unwind for a bit and tackle “personal interests” after working at Microsoft for 19 years.

For his part, Ballmer stated the following in a company email announcing the departures:

Transitions are always hard. Robbie has been an instrumental part of so many key moments in Microsoft history — from the evolution of Office to the decision to create the first Xbox to pushing the company hard in entertainment overall. J as well has had a great impact in the market and on our culture, providing leadership in design, and in creating a passionate and involved Xbox community, and earlier being at the center of our work seizing the importance of the Web for the company...

Both have been great team builders with a strong record of attracting, coaching and growing talent. As a result, their teams are primed to continue to step up and deliver great products, great services and great results for the company.

You can read Ballmer's full email to the troops here.

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RE: zune BLAH
By Roffles on 5/26/2010 7:10:24 PM , Rating: 2
As for new albums getting lost for months...never happens. I can sort any music by date fact in the Zune software that is the default. In addition new albums (or playlists) get automatically placed as a ZuneHD front page "tile" on the device under "new" (there is also recent and pins)

You think I never tried to sort by date added? Maybe you didn't understand my complaint. I don't care what date it was uploaded. I would like to upload new and old music at the same time and know the new music stands completely apart from the rest of the collection. What if I upload 70 old albums and 1 new album to my Zune at the same time? I've lost count of the amount of times I've had to put my Zune on shuffle mode in hopes of finding a track from a new album I uploaded that got lost in the mix. Zune won't even let you sort by the year the album was made. Face it, the filtering and organizational abilities of the Zune are worthless.

No, I don't get your point. Please do go on and on about what horrible things it does to your mp3 files. Curiously it does nothing horrible to mine so I have no idea what you are talking about.

1. It scans all my music files, creates a hidden folder.jpg and a thumbs.db to go with it...putting a bunch of useless junk data in my music folders that are absolutely useless outside the Zune software. Winamp, Foobar and MediaMonkey can manage a library more efficiently without doing this.

2. By default it is set to automatically go to the web and attempt to update tag information or provide missing tag information. Imagine my suprise (having missed the setting my first time using the program) to see that it had overwritten some of my tag information and I had even discovered some corrupt tag data that I couldn't fix back to the way it was before.

3. By default if will go fetch album art. Again, first time thru I missed the setting. Hey look at that! Zune replaced my nice big 800x800 pixel album art embedded into my mp3 tag with a 300x300 pixel art from an album THAT BELONGS TO ANOTHER ARTIST.

4. It's been a while since I used the feature, but I seem to remember the heart/broken heart feature being buggy and messes up the star ratings and created inconsistencies when searching for rated music outside the Zune software.

The Zune is responsible for messing with my mp3 tag data and album art and I had to learn this the hard way. I remember reading a horror story on a forum whare a guy tagged almost his entire collection with really high pixel album art and later discovered that Zune overwrote all of it with smaller art.

Hopefully they WON'T. They've massacred Apple at their own game. I'm Just not wanting to organize my crap the same way I did back in circa 1997 when the Napster craze was in full swing. It was the best back then but times have changed.

I'm not sure how you organized your music back when you were using Napster. There are limitless ways to name and organize music folders and files and I don't think your experience as a Napster user bares any relevance on the subject. I do use MediaMonkey for good measure when I need more advanced filtering. Except for a few comments here on this article, I've never actually heard anyone mention the Zune software as a superior way to organize a music, I find this all very entertaining.

If you even care, I urge you to try a Cowon product. As a person who has tried different ways of listening to music, I am not convinced your viewpoint is holistic, but instead is focused on your acquired taste for Microsoft brand Kool-Aid.

"Well, we didn't have anyone in line that got shot waiting for our system." -- Nintendo of America Vice President Perrin Kaplan

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