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City-wide Wi-Fi is promised for the event: No 3G required.

In anticipation of the 2012 Olympics, London Mayor Boris Johnson is determined to make his city Wi-Fi ready.   Johnson made the announcement at the Google Zeitgeist event in Hertfordshire.

"It's thanks to Google that all of us sentient adults spend so much of our lives grazing absently like ruminants on this vast Serengeti of information," Johnson said.

At the event, Johnson added that his goal is to make London the technology capital of the world.    The mayor is in the process of planning what he calls the city's most important project, "Wi-Fi London".

The plan will require the use of the existing electrical supply for the services.  The city will have coverage at "every lamp post and bus stop," with a router or repeater in it.

Johnson appears to have the support of most residents; so far 22 of the 32 Greater London boroughs have already signed up for the service.  Johnson needs only to convince 10 other boroughs to come on board in order to move forward with his plans to make London fully Wi-Fi enabled.

This project would provide thousands of hotspots and would allow blanket Wi-Fi coverage to people on the streets during the Olympic events as well as in the homes of local residents.   It has not been determined whether Wi- Fi would be free for residents or whether they would be charged for the coverage.

Piracy concerns could be raised as this has been an issue in the past.   The city may have to factor in the  British Piracy Bill , also known as the Digital Economy Bill of 2010, into their plans.  The bill was created to regulate digital media with the hope of deterring illegal downloads in the UK.

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How many subnets?
By zinc183 on 5/21/2010 2:20:32 PM , Rating: 2
If they're going to blanket the whole city with free wifi, how many subnets are they going to need? If they use a 16 bit mask, wouldn't this just invite a major broadcast storm? But if they used a 24 bit mask, would you be changing IP's too often as you hop from one repeater/router to another?

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