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Eric Schmidt and Larry Page play the blame game at Google Zeitgeist.  (Source: TechRadar)
Larry Page says that battery should last for a day if apps aren't overworking the processor

Google's Android platform may be the hottest player on the cell phone market, having recently passed Apple in the U.S. market, but it's by no means the perfect platform.  Recently there have been concerns about the battery life of Android smartphones, which reportedly isn't measuring up to the rival iPhone's.

The top executives at Google tackled that issue at Google Zeitgeist, Google's outreach summit for developers.  Google's co-founder Larry Page blamed app developers, stating, "I have noticed there are a few people who have phones where there is software running in the background that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly. If you are not getting a day, there is something wrong."

Google CEO Eric Schmidt chimed in, clarifying the issue on battery drain.  He stated, "The primary consumer of the battery life on these phones is the transmit/receive circuit. So tuning that and obviously figuring out a way to not use too much of that extends your battery life.  And people bring in applications that are not particularly smart about that, which is what Larry is trying to get at."

Mr. Page quipped back, "We can give you a bigger battery probably. I'll see you afterwards."

The concerning thing is that according to some reports, Android's battery life is draining rather quickly even when in standby or idle -- with no apps running (aside from the core phone apps) and no data being transmitted.  Fortunately for Google, these reports seem to be putting little damper on Android phone sales.  

Android 2.2 is about to make its debut, bringing with it Flash (hopefully that doesn't cause
further battery issues).  And the hot HTC EVO 4G, the world's first 4G smartphone, will make its debut on the Sprint network early next month.

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RE: Um, just get a second battery
By Reclaimer77 on 5/19/2010 10:25:44 AM , Rating: 5
How about we increase battery tech and efficiency instead of carrying extra crap?

Yeah because nobody is trying to do that. You're right. Battery tech is clearly a completely barren field that needs to be looked into. Why hasn't anybody thought of this before??


RE: Um, just get a second battery
By leexgx on 5/19/2010 7:48:30 PM , Rating: 2
i done one thing that an iphone cant do put an bat thats 90% bigger (2300 bat the default 1200 bat just plane sucks and tmoble users had Loads of complaints about it not lasting more then 4-8hrs, the Iphone is the same and if that bat F up your screwed as its not user replaceable £$£$ for apple), i get a lot more use out of my G1 phone now with out having to remember that i need to plug it in when i get into my car

ok its made the phone bigger but it lasts 2-3days now with 3g turnd on all the time i can watch long videos and not need to turn to the Plug (iphone should be called Iplug as most of my friends who use the iphone most likely will not get an new one unless they fix the batt issues, HTC need to do the same)

Smart-phone makers should be using bigger capacity battery's, yes if fine if you make 1-2 phone calls an day but, orange in the UK are just an Joke on saying how long the bat will last an HTC HD1 can not stay on for 15 days more like 2-3 days if 3g is turned off light phone use no apps running or video

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