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Space Adventures offers weightlessness for five minutes... at $100K per flight

Space Adventures is already known for ferrying paying tourists into space for millions of dollars, but the company now plans to offer suborbital flights for just over $100,000.

Furthermore, Space Adventures will team up with Armadillo Aerospace, funded by John Carmack, so seats aboard Armadillo craft will also be available.  Armadillo hopes to finish development of a rocket ship that can head more than 62 miles above Earth, which is when space begins.

"I am very pleased to announce Space Adventures' agreement with Armadillo," said Eric Anderson, Space Adventures CEO and President.  "We envision this as a critical turning point for public access to space."

Passengers will just have minutes of weightlessness in space before returning back to Earth, but must spend a few days training.  A 360-degree view of space and a unique glimpse of Earth is presented to everyone willing to pay the required $102,000 to float 62 miles above Earth.  

Space Adventures continues to find new ways to take customers into space, and remains the only private company to take tourists to the International Space Station.  In a partnership with Russia, Space Adventures and the Russian government share a fee upwards of $35 million to spend around 10 days in orbit.

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Just to clear something up
By 91TTZ on 5/17/2010 4:49:51 PM , Rating: 2
The weightlessness that you'd be feeling has nothing to do with being in space and everything to do with freefalling after doing a zoom climb.

They already offer similar weightless experiences in converted airliners.

RE: Just to clear something up
By modus2 on 5/19/2010 10:01:43 AM , Rating: 2
Well thats what happens when your in orbit as well, only that you go fast enough sideways to make up for lost height. Earths gravity is only down by about 1% at the height that ISS is at. In order to get close to "true" weightlessness you would need to go far out ie 1 light year or so, although note close there is still a weak pull even out there.

Space has nothing to do with gravity, its only an arbitrary term for when the atmosphere is considered insignificant.

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